Look What I Made! 12-22-10

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Sorry about the lack of posts lately. Like most of you, I am getting ready for Christmas this weekend. In addition to that, I have been feeling under the weather for days. Finally went to the doctor yesterday and discovered that I have strep. Again.

And to top off the fun, we’ve been getting snow. LOTS of it. So much that they actually canceled school for the first time since we’ve lived here. Woot Woot! So much that our power keeps going of. We actually had no electricity for half of the day yesterday. And when it would come on, it would all the sudden go off for a few seconds, and then we would get a power surge. Not a good combination for working on the computer. So I left it off.

I’m not sure how today will be, but the weatherman did say there is more snow in the forecast.  I’m heading out to take my son to the dermatologist, and I’m hoping the roads aren’t hazardous. I hate driving in the snow!!

Hopefully you can understand why amidst all of this craziness there are no features this week.  And just in case we loose power again and I don’t “see” you again:


Okey dokey, start sharing. Feel free to link up a craft project, decorating idea, or a yummy recipe. Please don’t just link up a giveaway or random post, (or your store) this is a place to show off something you’ve made.

Here are the McLinky guidelines:
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4-Visit some of the other links and make sure to leave nice comments. You know we all love them. :)
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  1. thanks
    I wanted to let you know I am linking your link party to my linky list on both my Organize with Sandy.com and Chat with Sandy.com blogs. Would love for you to join my Wicked Sweet Wednesday on my Chat site. You can add your link party to it, or any of your post. If you have any organizing or cleaning blog posts, you can link those to my Organizing Mission Monday on my other blog. Thanks

  2. I hope your feeling better soon and good luck with all of your snow! Merry Christmas to you too. :)

  3. I hope your throat is feeling better in time to eat all the holiday goodies! Have a merry Christmas!!

  4. Thanks for hosting!!! I know how crazy it can be. I totally forgot last week, and was late this week. I’m thinking about changing to once a month… But I never visit the ones that are just once a month, so I’m guessing no one else does either, so I keep thinking it’s a bad idea! Grrr! Merry Christmas!

  5. Merry Christmas Kara!!

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