Aaaaak! It’s only 4 DAYS AWAY!

I was going to post another Halloween recipe today. But judging from the response I’m getting, I guess you guys are not that interested. Maybe I waited too long to post them? Who knows.

Anyway, with Halloween only a few days away, I’m in a bit of a panic. I’ve got one bee costume not finished, one pirate costume not finished, and one son who doesn’t even know what he wants to be yet. Yikes!

Also, today I am making 4 dozen cookies and 40 muffins for my oldest sons Marching Band trip. . . guacamole for the teachers’ dinner at the Elementary School, and treats for a football party at our house–tonight. And my kitchen looks like this:
Yep, those are the Halloween pumpkins that aren’t finished yet.
Fun times.
Are you totally ready for Halloween, or does your life resemble mine? Just a tiny bit?
Please say yes. :)


  1. tammy kruger says:

    I love pretty much EVERYTHING on your blog…my son specifically really loves the “angry bird” pumpkins and I was wondering what kind of paint (?waterproof) you use. Since I live in NEngland area and we’re in the midst of a hurricane, I’m thinking hurricane-proof pumpkin ideas could be good….Thanks!!

  2. I love your halloween ideas. I am a horrible commenter but I enjoy your blog! I know this is a year late; I just found your blog!

  3. I spent Mon and Tues making 90 pumpkins for the ward party. Birthday party and blog event tonight, boutique inventory and hubby works Sat. Baptism to plan, party to provide games for- I totally hear you. Hang in there and we’ll just keep pulling each other along- deal?

  4. I LOVE the Angry Bird pumpkins! So cool!! :)

    • Thanks! We made the whole crew. We just need to finish up the pigs. Hopefully we can get them done in time. My boys have sure had fun with it! :)

  5. Holy hannah my house is the same! We have trunk-n-treat on saturday after a costume bday party, one wanna be zombie princess bride, a construction worker who changed 5 times this week now he is a skeleton, and i have goodies to bake for 2 class’s on monday plus a school halloween parade, and no pumpkins done because the ones we had got at the pumpkin patch school trip arent worth carving. so no we are searching for carvable pumpkins

    • No matter how much I try to plan ahead, the week before every major holiday is always stressful. Guess it just comes with bein’ a mom. :)

  6. Totally resembles yours. We have been out of town or sick or both for the last two weeks.

  7. that is how my kitchen looked last friday when we had my 8 year olds halloween party. i was a stressed out mess all day. luckily, i dont need to worry about it anymore this year, we are doing halloween at my SILs

  8. Wow, I thought my week was busy, but I think you’ve got me beat! :) Our pumpkins aren’t carved and I still have 2 kids without costumes. Glad to hear I’m not the only one running late this year. Good luck! :)

  9. I like your pumpkins in the works. Ours are still sitting naked on the porch and I’m hoping Jacob will opt for the easy road for Halloween costume this year – football player again:) Everyone else is opting for a repeat costume for our collection… except Becca as Pippi Longstocking. I hope the hangers in her braids don’t poke anyone’s eye out.

  10. Somehow I missed your food posts :-) I am going to bookmark several of them to do next year – I tend to run a year behind on most ideas I see on blogs :-)

  11. YES, it resembles yours! Except I don’t have children at home anymore, just grandchildren, so my life is a whole lot easier. Still no pumpkins done, though. Food to prepare for Halloween party tomorrow, plus the usual last minute preps for the big day.


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