Beautiful Custom Clothing for Women: eShakti

Unlike 99.9% of the female population, I do not enjoy shopping for clothing. I know. That’s kind of like admitting that I’m a leper, but please don’t hate me. I’ve never really enjoyed it. I’ve always been short. I’ve always been um, not thin. And I like to dress very modestly. Finding cute modest clothes for a short chubby girl is kind of a challenge. 😉

When I was contacted by eShakti to review a clothing item, I was a bit skeptical. But then I checked out their website. Right away I noticed that they have beautiful clothes in gorgeous colors. But then I discovered that they will CUSTOMIZE any article of clothing for $7.50. Love a dress but want sleeves on it? They can do that. Need something longer or shorter? They can do that. Very cool!

So I went ahead and ordered a beautiful red dress. It is no longer for sale because they have updated to their new spring line. Which I am loving even more then the winter line. Shucks, I shoulda waited.

I entered all my measurements and ordered the dress. About a week later it arrived in the mail, customized just for me.

The good news: I loved the fabric. The dress was beautiful and very well made. It was very comfortable.
The bad news: It did not look good on me. And I mean totally unflattering. Sad day.

Will I be ordering from eShakti again? Yes. I love that you can customize anything. I will probably shy away from dresses, because I have learned that I need to try them on to see if they actually look semi decent on me. But I love their skirts; and especially the jackets they had in their winter line. Totally wishing I would have got one of those. Dang.

I also like several of their shirts. I’ve got my eye on this one:
clothing review- eShakti
It just makes me think of spring!

They have some killer sales, so I will be watching those closely. Some things sell out fast. (As I learned with a totally cute jacket that I missed out on.)

Oh, and right now they have a deal going where first time customers get 20% off their first order. That rocks!

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