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I know that in some parts of the country you are enjoying sunshine, flowers starting to bud, and nice green grass. (you luckies!) Here in my little neck of the woods we still have snow. I am dreaming of warmer days filled with backyard BBQs, homemade ice cream, and tall glasses of lemonade. We finished up our deck last fall (at least 90% of it), and I cannot wait to actually enjoy it for the first time!

Funny story. Empire Patio Covers contacted me and asked if I’d like to do a review and giveaway of their patio furniture covers. Most of our furniture was already covered, but we did have a side table that needed a cover. Turns out it’s a funky size, and they didn’t have a cover that would fit it. So I was going to get a cover for our air conditioner. Turns out it’s so old and bulky that the covers weren’t large enough to fit it.

I was not about to give up. I did what any other crazy sane person would do. I went out and bought a fire pit so that we could get a free cover for it. WHAT, you don’t think that’s totally normal? Hey, we’d been wanting one. And it was Valentine’s Day and I needed a gift idea. So it’s not as bad as it sounds. I was totally justified. Right?

Here is our fire pit. Can’t wait till warm weather comes and we can actually use it!
Here it is all snug and warm and protected from the snow underneath our new Empire fire pit cover.patio furniture cover-giveaway I ordered the Classic nutmeg, but they also sell a more heavy duty variety of patio covers. The nutmeg just happened to match our furniture perfectly, so I went for looks instead of function. Sometimes I’m shallow like that.

Oh, and here’s a friendly little tip. Just in case you get a furniture cover and it doesn’t seem to be fitting, adjust the straps underneath.
patio furniture cover-giveaway
Because you don’t want to be swearing, twisting and pulling with all your might  and wondering why the heck your 36″ cover won’t fit over your 36″ fire pit and then have your husband ask if you noticed the adjustable straps. Just sayin. (BTW, thanks to my helpful hubbie who is always bailing me out.)

Do you have some patio furniture that needs a little protection from the elements? Well today is your lucky day!!
One reader will win $75 worth of patio furniture covers with free shipping. Woohoo!
(Available only to US and Canada residents)

Here’s how you can enter the giveaway:
-Leave me a comment on this post.  You can tell me what you are looking forward to about summer, you can tell me what patio covers you need. Heck, you can even just tell me how much you love and admire me. I kid. I think.

For extra entries, you can:
-Follow me on Pinterest, or Google+, or Facebook. (and leave a comment letting me know)
-Like Empire Patio Covers on Facebook
-Spread the word about the giveaway on twitter, facebook, google+, or your blog. (leave a comment letting me know)

I’ll pick the winner next Friday. Good luck peeps!

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  1. Rosemary says:

    Great idea. We live in Georgia, where we don’t get a lot of snow, but our patio is not covered and the furniture takes a terrible beating, especially through the winter. I would love something to cover my round patio table, and maybe even the chairs!

  2. Awesome giveaway. I have a rectangle table with high-back chairs and I have been looking for a good cover which will protect them from the snow. This company looks like they have exactly what I have been looking for!

    I can’t wait for spring so we can start using our back deck. It’s like another room in the summer and we spend hours outside entertaining. Come on Spring!

  3. Oh gosh, our poor grill desperately needs a cover! It’s out in the San Francisco elements unprotected. :( Thanks for a chance to win!

  4. I’m most looking forward to playing outside with my boys and NOT being pregnant or nursing. Woo hoo!! :) And I really need to cover our poor old grill, although at this point there’s probably no point. ;)

  5. I follow you on Pinterest.

  6. I follow you on Google Plus.

  7. I like you on FB.

  8. I need patio covers for my wicker chairs, I love and admire you and I’m looking forward to camping this summer!

  9. I follow you on pinerest as Tabitha Klucking

  10. I follow you on fb as Tabitha Swain Klucking

  11. Geriann says:

    I was just sitting looking out the window and seeing that the cover that covers our bar and chairs is ripped- didn’t even last us 6 months. I am looking forward to using the pool this summer!

  12. Geriann says:

    I follow you on google.

  13. Ahhhh, summer . . . I am so looking forward to it. Sitting on the swing with a warm breeze. We still have snow here so warm weather is always a treat. And I need covers for everything! :)

  14. i cant wait for summer! i cant wait to wear less clothing, to spend more time outside and to go to the beach! :)

  15. i follow you on google+

  16. Of course we love you and your blog!

  17. Shirley says:

    I am in need of a cover for my round table and chairs. Love your blog.

  18. Anne marie says:

    I live in Texas – no snow – but weather is hard on our outdoor furniture – I would love a grill cover.

  19. Anne marie says:

    I like you on FB and love your blog.

  20. I can’t wait for the summer to get grilling again. i could certainly use a new BBQ cover.

  21. I can’t wait to sit outside and watch the kids play in the backyard this summer! I think we need a table/chair cover for our patio set.

  22. We don’t have snow here (knock on wood–it isn’t coming back ) just some rain… my fire pit big and small is waiting patiently on me..and i am making a patio area soon for my patio furniture…covers would be awesome…they would enjoy that!

  23. I’m excited for summer because that means my husband will be home from his 4 month deployment! Lots of BBQs!

  24. I follow you on FB

  25. I follow you on pinterest!

  26. I’d love to have a cover for a loveseat on our fishing dock.

  27. I follow you on facebook and pinterest.

  28. Michele Adams says:

    I looked forward to summer to hear the boys giggling, playing baseball in the yard, growing or trying to grow a garden! Fireflies, hot dogs cooked over a fire, s’mores, and most of all SUNSHINE!

  29. cool! we just bought a house w/a nice large deck…no patio furniture YET, but if we had some covers I could justify buying some! And by some I mean a whole lot!

  30. i follow you on pinterest

  31. and i follow you on facebook

  32. We need a grill cover…actually we need a new grill. OUrs is a sad sad looking thing.

  33. I follow you on Pinterest!

  34. I have such Spring Fever right now – I JUST picked out a whole new patio dining set for our deck after 15 years with the old one. Covers would rock on this!!

  35. Oh my! I LOVE these! I love your blog and have loved all the recipes I have tried, thanks so much for sharing. Hoping to make your cute Easter Banner this week. Crossing my fingers to win!

  36. Love the fire pit. Would love to win some patio furniture covers.


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