VTech Switch & Go Dinosaurs Review

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I was recently asked to review some Switch & Go Dinos. At first I was hesitant because they are for boys 3-8, so my 8 year old is at the very top of the scale. I wasn’t sure if they would hold his attention. But he actually walked in on me when I was viewing  them online, and got so excited about them that I had to let him try them out. He thought it was very cool that they could be switched from cars to dinosaurs.

SwitchAndGo Sliver

SwitchAndGo Horns

When the package came in the mail he was so excited he could hardly stand it. I told him he couldn’t open it till he cleaned his room. I think he may have set a new record for speed cleaning! :)

The second he got his room cleaned he ripped those packages open before I could even blink. His older brother saw him and came over to get in on the action.

They played with these toys all afternoon!

Here’s what my 8 year old loves about these cool toys:

-“You can switch the blue one from a car to a dinosaur REALLY fast.”
-“That they say funny things.”

Here’s what I love about them:
-It’s like you are getting two toys for the price of one. That is always a bonus in my book!
-They are sturdily built.
-While in Dino mode they share interesting facts about dinosaurs. It’s always a bonus when kids don’t even know that they are learning!
-There is a volume control! Genius idea.
-My boys played together without competing, fighting, or telling me they were bored.

I think these toys would be perfect for 4-7 year old boys. (At that age I’m pretty sure my son would have carried them everywhere and even slept with them.) But my 8 year old still loves them, and even my 11 year old found them entertaining. (But don’t tell his friends I told you.)

So far, there are four Switch & Go Dinos available: Sliver the T-Rex, T-Don the Pteranodon, Tonn the Stegosaurus and Horns the Triceratops. They are available on Amazon  for $15.99.  Beginning June 18, they’ll be on sale at VTechKids.com for the same price. I think that’s a pretty great deal for an interactive toy that has fun sound effects, buttons to push, and morphs from one toy to another.

They are perfect for those summer days when it’s just too hot to go outside. I think they would make great birthday gifts too! Do you have a little boy in your life that would love these?

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