Blogging Tip–Don’t Be an Idiot Like Me!

My site has been having issues for days. Maybe some of you have noticed when you try to visit that you get the dreaded:

“503 service temporarily unavailable

No one likes to see those nasty words!  I’ve been getting them more often than not when I try to look at my own website. GRRRR!
Sometimes I couldn’t even get to my own dashboard to try and fix the problem.

I’ve called my website host several times trying to get to the bottom of things. I think they are starting to know me on a first name basis. Although they probably just refer to me as “that crazy blogging chick who doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing”.

I’ve searched through lines of error messages trying to get a clue as to the problem.

I learned that sometimes the theme you use as the background framework of your website can react with the plugins you install. (Who know that just like siblings, website tools can fight with each other for no apparent reason?)

I’ve tried de-activating all my plugins, then adding them back one by one. More than once.
It’s worked in the past, but not this time.

I even forked out cash for a new theme, thinking maybe the free ones I’ve been relying on are not actually all that reliable.

Things would start working again, and I’d think I’d solved the problem, but then all of the sudden, I’d get that darn message again.

It has been incredibly frustrating!

Then last night I noticed that I needed to update to the latest version of WordPress. I saw the notification last week, but I’ve been putting it off. With my old theme, updating would wreak havoc with the appearance of my site, and I couldn’t fix it without the help of my techie husband. So I would avoid it as long as possible.

Well I finally went ahead and updated, and guess what? Within seconds my site was functioning again. Apparently those little updates are important!

So what can you take from this? Here’s what. . .

Don’t overlook the simple things. I wasted time and energy trying to tackle what I thought was a huge problem. I should have just started with the easiest solution. Dang. I’m pretty sure I do this with problems in real life as well. Hopefully I’ll learn my own lesson!

Listen to your computer. If you get a message saying you should update, it’s probably a good idea. Don’t ignore it like I did. You don’t want to have to join the Idiots’ Club.

I am pleased to report that when I look at my WordPress dashboard, I now see this:

And now that I can actually access my dashboard, I can get back to a few more fun posts. Like home decor, Valentine’s Day projects, and some yummy recipes. Over and out.


  1. So glad you were able to get it all figured out. How stressful!
    Laurie @ Simply Creating Home recently posted..Subway Art Love Bookmark PrintableMy Profile

  2. ha! we’ve all done it. I love my genesis theme
    ashlee recently posted..How to change out your door knobsMy Profile

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