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I remember trying to find an apartment 15 years ago (gulp, has it been that long?) when we were building this house. Back then you had to make phone calls, set appointments with apartment managers, and drive all over town to find the perfect apartment. Thankfully, with the magic of the internet, those days are long gone!

 photo Apts_PrfctFit_rgbjpg_zpsf00a594a.jpg

If you are looking for an apartment, makes it a breeze! All you have to do is go to the

website and enter the zipcode of the area you want to live. You can narrow down your search to include the

rent you are willing to pay, the number of bed/bathrooms, ameneties, and even more options. Then hit

“search”, and a list of all the available apartments and homes for rent will be displayed.

You can scroll through the list and click on the ones you are interested in. Each listing has detailed descriptions of the apartments, as well as the rent, availability, and lease terms. Most of them have multiple

photos, so you can see the inside of the apartment without even having to leave your house. How convenient is that!?

If you or someone you know is looking for an apartment, you should check out They even have Apps available for iPhone, iPad, and Android, so you can do your research on the go. is offering one lucky winner a $25 Visa gift card just for trying out their website!

To enter, use the Rafflecopter widget below. Just leave a comment on this blog post telling me which apartment home from you would choose if you were moving. Include a link to the page in your comment.

For an extra entry, you can follow on twitter (@aptscom), or tweet and let them know which apartments you love. Use the hashtag #AptsWin in your tweet.

Good luck!

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  1. Like this one|g8sERMNE/G139bDFz5eUaQGLI2DsLcPMv84wWOKVv4DR2WYqPdZgVLurVc3-|SvTnOW-|LcGluUq0n26zGCEmntB4YT3QAuJItIZ94DB27JTg==&sid=ed80e760-df3c-4191-8617-e2296cd354f3&stype=CityStateOrZip&frontdoor=izea&partner=izea&match=4

    atlmuzikfanzinc at gmail dot com

  2. My husband and I are actually in the process of moving to Atlanta and we love! I’m posting a dream apartment listing.. no way can we afford to live here! Thanks for the opportunity this could buy us some packing supplies!!|4Nqa1nKwOX/8pO5bBQVbA==&sid=2dbb22ba-6ae8-4269-b065-e8c339d5e1c4&stype=CityStateOrZip&frontdoor=izea&partner=izea&match=4

  3. This would work for me:|DMYEQvBoP5bGdWg5ID7dWbqwdGjgAWQ39WVzqIr3GVTYtF2WvdkFl432ZQ7e8Ttlzv35lXqE0iTCH4HXJi3BS1HPuGqOjMIJLMxMBaM9SJ7zZZmmgmTXBao/eVOV/yNEgwgKSNf8axbyaLC51NxYpoqMeLxjEKOoHQltOiVVvLsTiboqJySI9aErQ&sid=b31f19a3-8a2d-4d30-9d27-14df8282d144&stype=CityStateOrZip&frontdoor=izea&partner=izea&match=3

  4. I like this one|OoFKRmBFoYiRRtZJOZGqHlpnDCL4CkMtFmfskGnP6dy9M3EgrTpHENK6IaxKxESN3s3x7UAHPAMNtqCOqXHegFnINqjE4SYbYDfD8/jmMZg2hF1qI577xppd1xMwLi/aM3OvSHunfTCxzSGtHCxF-|e0X2-|XGK&sid=6eed1a3f-aad7-4d6d-a2a7-a452f7725e4c&stype=CityStateOrZip&frontdoor=izea&partner=izea&match=3

  5. Livivua Chandler says:
  6. Lisa Brown says:|YMqes6PHf66QPIDVjm46o3627xOW2ctuZNjcy9yZr2CtsPTaVZbBSbm6pyHADVj8v8-|0DDkGewD574L/F7ifZlwgU4cYEgpdlBnc0oM2WWaUNClYQ6HLMqaT7mY9QXmJcqXkUNQLskVJ8OjN4BRiAoYDA7NICak4GLwJ6NzE9QbNS0Nd1JR&sid=e735c533-6f85-4522-9b71-6946113fa440&stype=CityStateOrZip&match=3


  8. wendy rozema says:

    i like|u-|eoUA5/T5fUm5C3lPMXJ6aBBZ0MX7q5bl3CiBvBX1-|h2/NAiUrwPCjoZutARx0DHbu2B7EN0LWaDSj6b1DaqwjSa6g/NsvCUHVZGKLrqr6tjLIFZkQ2q95TnF8eXB4-|D99RzjaABnw6RacJ8Qir&sid=2731f571-7ee3-43a8-9972-c0aaa4384655&stype=CityStateOrZip&match=4&isFCL=true

  9. Oh how I’d love to move into this updated house and our of my old house that needs so many repairs.

  10. I’d choose the EnV Chicago!|Wd5GWd4c0jPThuceS7hEg/sOMumhFC8Sv0Gg6kmS24pbJOCuibDXAqUJPMtm1QikEMg3cYflyqVCC1wiaSOc2bBLc59wQglgj81CGdfQQTaLRAEuEK8naPB5Am-|zKGvILqSOgLnwng3FiW4hA==&sid=0eb70f6e-8391-4ca6-8e5c-5c27f1eef814&stype=CityStateOrZip&frontdoor=izea&partner=izea&match=4

  11. Mary Happymommy says:

    I like this one–


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