Homemade Lime Sugar Scrub

Free Printable Gift Tag for Lime Sugar Scrub

To use the tag, just right-click, then SAVE. Open it in a program like word. You can then re-size it, print on cardstock, and cut out. Or if you prefer, you can print from the PDF file.

Gift Tag for Lime Sugar Scrub

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  1. What brand of lime essential oil did you use?…..

    • I used Young Living brand. I’ve also tried Doterra with good results. I would guess that any high quality, pure essential oil would work. 🙂

  2. I’ve never made a sugar scrub before, but I may need to try, because I love lime!!

  3. This is something I totally want to make. I have all the ingredients- Hoot Hoot! 🙂

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