Halloween Decor- Black and White Pumpkins


I am gradually getting my Halloween decor up. I am concentrating on my entry table, because that is what everyone sees when they come to the door. Last year I pretty much just skipped the Halloween decor on my entry table and went straight to the fall decor. This year my boys asked if I […]

Pumpkin Treat Bag Tutorial {Halloween}


We are a week into September, so I think I can now justify starting my fall and Halloween posts. I waited as long as I could. What can I say, I am in love with fall. I came up with these little Halloween Pumpkin Bags for a guest post on another site last year, but […]

Angry, Um I mean Happy Halloween!! {Angry Birds Pumpkins}


Happy Halloween peeps! I just got back from the Elementary school costume parade. They used to hold it at the end of school and it took about 15 minutes. Now it’s at the beginning, and for the second year in a row, there has been a HUGE break in the middle. Half the kids walk […]

Halloween Food Ideas

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You guys totally have me laughing today. I can spend hours choosing (or coming up with) a recipe, craft or project. . . making said recipe, craft, or project. . . taking photos. . . uploading photos. . . editing the photos. .  . and typing up a post that makes at least a little […]

Halloween Recipe- Mummy Dogs


Hope you enjoyed the Monster Toes I shared yesterday. Today I’m sharing a non sugary Halloween recipe. This is probably my boys’ favorite Halloween dinner. That may be due to the fact that we hardly ever eat hot dogs around here. Except when we’re camping. Which is not very often, especially now that we have […]

Halloween Food-Monster Toes


I have been having a blast making up fun Halloween foods for my family. I’ve actually made so many of them this year that I decided to do an entire week of Halloween recipes. I hope you have as much fun with them as we’ve had! This first one is super simple, but my boys […]

Halloween Recipe- Bloody Eyeballs {Meatballs}


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to cook for. There are just so many fun and yummy Halloween foods out there. When the California Olive Committee contacted me asking if I’d be interested in coming up with a Halloween food idea using black olives, of course I said yes! At first I thought of […]

Halloween Subway Art, and Schooled by a 7 Year-Old


Subway art is all the rage in blog land. I’m a little late, but I finally decided to jump on the bandwagon and whip up some Halloween subway art. I wanted my letters to be white, so instead of a printable, I did mine out of vinyl. It took me a couple hours to painstakingly […]