Look What I Made! Link Party #183

Wednesday Linky Party

Hello friends! I hope you have been busy the last week! The rain has been putting a damper on several of my DIY projects, because I haven’t been able to paint outside for weeks. Every time I have a free day set aside for painting without interruption, that is the day the rain comes. That’s […]

Look What I Made Link Party #182

Craft and Recipe Link Party

Welcome to another edition of Look What I Made!, the weekly link party where you get to show off all the projects you’ve been working on! Despite the fact that we’ve had cooler than typical weather for the past few weeks, it’s still hard for me to believe that it is September already! Fall decorations […]

Look What I Made Wednesday Linky #181

Craft and Recipe Link Party

We have been living in a demolition zone at my house for about a week.  Furniture is still misplaced and everything is covered in dust and carpet fuzz, but after three days of installation- we finally have new carpet upstairs!!! We set up Rachel’s new bed last night, and she loves it. I can’t wait […]

Look What I Made! Linky # 180

Craft and Recipe Link Party

Are your kids back at school yet? Mine started yesterday. Rachel was not a happy camper when she woke up and discovered that all her brothers were gone. Luckily I had a church activity to go to, and she got to play with some friends, so the tears didn’t last too long! At the activity, […]

Look What I Made! Link Party #179

Craft and Recipe Link Party

Welcome back to another fun week! After having to cancel the linky party for several weeks, the number of participants really dropped off, which I knew would happen. I was worried that no one would join me again if I started back up, but the numbers are slowly starting to climb back up. Hooray!! I […]

Look What I Made! Linky Party #178


We are in the process of making some big changes around our house. Rachel’s room is almost finished (woohoo), we are getting new carpet, and we are getting new furniture in our family room. Our cream colored carpet is 16 years old, and it is way beyond the time that we should have replaced it. The […]

Look What I Made! Wednesday #176

Is anyone else freaking out that the summer is more than halfway gone? So far I feel like my summer has consisted of running kids to practice and activities, planning girls camp, attending girls camp, driving to Oregon, helping plan a reunion, being sick, and passing kidney stones. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? I really, really […]

It’s Back! Look What I Made Linky Party

Hello peeps! As you may remember, I had some serious problems with my linky parties a few weeks ago. As in, all the links disappeared. Every single link ever posted on my site since the beginning of time. Including my recipe, tutorial, and free printable indexes. Not a happy day. I had to re-enter every single […]