Valentines Day Matching Game {Free Printable}


I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for ways to make the smaller holidays more fun for my kids. Valentines Day isn’t geared towards kids–especially boys. What boy gets thrilled about pink hearts and ruffles? I know mine don’t. But throw in some candy, and Valentines Day becomes much more fun! This matching […]

Valentine Heart Shirt


Let me preface this post by telling you that this tutorial contains a whole lotta “Don’t do what I did.” Because I messed up a few times in a big way. But I thought I’d share it anyway so you could learn from my mistakes. So pay close attention. I don’t want anyone cussin’ like […]

Valentine Printable {Valentine Game}


I am one of those crazy moms that likes to come up with creative Valentine’s for my boys to take to school for their classmates.  I think we have only bought Valentine’s from a box one time. My boys are not really into making crafts (duh), but if candy is involved I can actually twist […]

Chocolate Shortbread Hearts {Valentine Recipe}


I actually made these cute little shortbread cookies a few months ago, but after I got them all finished I thought they would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. So I waited until now to share the recipe. They are not quite as decadent as the Brownie Trifle or the Chocolate Lava Cake, but they are […]

Felt Valentine Banner {Valentine’s Day Decor}


Hello peeps! It’s time for another month of The Creative Carousel! This months theme is Valentine’s Day. Fitting, no? Here’s my project: Felt Valentine’s Day Banner Supplies: -Felt -Tiny beads -Fabric scraps -Tulle or ribbon -Heat and Bond -Iron, glue gun -Scissors, needle, and thread -Yarn or ribbon Instructions: Draw heart shape. (I use the […]

Valentine’s Day Craft- Number Plate


I meant to get my winter decor out a couple weeks ago. But the hallway wainscoting took longer than I thought, so I have decided to skip ahead to Valentine’s Day. Because then instead of looking like I’m behind, I will totally look like I am organized and ahead of the game. Who’s with me? […]

Valentine’s Day Etsy Style


I’ve been working on stocking my Etsy store with stuff for Valentine’s Day. Apparently I am in a red mood, because I just noticed that every single item I listed this week is red.  Guess I need to pull out the pinks and whites. LOL! Here’s some other cool stuff to check out! Etsy Goals […]

Felt Flower Tutorial for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is less than a month away. I know. I can’t believe it either. I’ve got no less than 25 crafts, home decor ideas, and recipes that I want to try. I’d better get busy, that means I have to complete one project per day! OK, probably not going to happen. But I did […]