25 Family Favorite Children’s Picture Books

25 of the best children's picture books - my kids love these!

Looking for perfect Christmas gifts for your kiddos? Here are some of our very favorite children’s picture books! I love and adore children’s books. I started collecting them in college after taking an awesome Children’s Lit class. I didn’t  have kids back then. I wasn’t even married yet. And I was poor as dirt. But […]

Look What I Made! Wednesday Linky #193

Wednesday Linky Party

Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow? I’ll be busy today doing some of the cooking ahead of time. I’m making a couple of pies, rolls, cheese ball, and a few other snack foods for the kids to nibble on while we prepare the big feast. Luckily we are going to my parents house, so I […]

LDS Young Women Handout: Christ Centered Home

M&M LDS Young Womens Handout

Last December I taught the lesson in Young Womens on “How Can I Prepare To Establish a Christ-Centered Home?” I learned so much preparing this lesson, and read so many amazing talks! I loved this quote by Richard G. Scott, because it is so true that no matter our upbringing, our environment, or our circumstances, […]

Free Printable 2015 Calendar

Get organized with this free Printable 2015 Calendar!

Join me on my quest to get organized next year with this free printable 2015 calendar! I posted a printable calendar last year, and I’ve had several requests to make another one for 2015. I started it back in October, but then I got interrupted. . . then I got busy with other things. . . […]

Look What I Made! Linky Party #192

Welcome friends to another week of sharing, linking, pinning, and drooling. Yep, it’s that time. Time for the Look What I Made! link party- a chance to show the world (well at least the part that reads blogs) what you’ve been up to. And to see what other like minded friends have been up to […]

Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes

Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes

Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting ~ All of the delicious flavor of a homemade cinnamon roll, but without all the waiting! Holey moley you guys. I have not posted one single project this entire month! I literally have four incomplete projects on my desk, and at least a dozen others all around the […]

Guest Posting at Cupcake Diaries- Pumpkin Bread with Cinnamon Chips

I wasn’t online yesterday, so I didn’t get the chance to let you know that I am guest posting over at Cupcake Diaries. I shared a recipe for a delicious Pumpkin Bread with Cinnamon Chips. If you’ve never used cinnamon chips in your fall baking, you are missing out. They are heavenly! So head on over […]

Blogger Thanksgiving Recipes 2014

Thanksgiving Recipes

I’ve been talking about it for days, but in case you missed it, I got together with four other local bloggers last week for a Thanksgiving dinner. Today is the day we are sharing all of our recipes. I tried each and every one of them, and let me assure you- you want to get […]