Easy Fabric Scrap Banner

Happy Monday peeps – I hope you had a great weekend! Are any of you suffering from a game day food overload this morning? I know I’m feeling like I should eat a bowl of oatmeal and a kale smoothie or something. But boy did I have some good eats yesterday! I’m still adding the […]

Look What I Made! Linky Party 9-14-2011

Hello Ladies! You know the drill. Link up your latest projects and recipes. Don’t link up to your store. Linky parties are not a place for you to advertise stuff you are selling, so please don’t take advantage of me, (or any other linky hosts for that matter.)  Yes, I’m grouchy this morning. A certain […]

Living Room Decorating- Shelves

I am not an interior decorator. Making things, I love. It comes pretty easily to me. But arranging them? Not so much. I have the hardest time getting things to look the way I like them in a room. I arrange. And re-arrange. Multiple times. Takes me weeks sometimes just to get a shelf finished. […]

Look What I Made 8-10-2011 {Linky Party}

Sorry ladies, it’s been a busy week, so I didn’t have time to do the features this time. But you know what to do! Here are the rules for playing nice: 1-Add a link to your specific post, not the main page of your blog. Please don’t link the same project week after week. Everyone […]

Look What I Made! 7-20-2011

It’s that time again ladies! Time to show off all the fabulous projects you’ve been working on. Or if you’re like me lately and haven’t been working on much of anything, it’s time to sit back and look at all the amazing projects everyone else is completing. And add them to your never ending list. […]

Look What I Made 7-13-2011

We are smack dab in the middle of a state baseball tournament at our house, so I didn’t have time to do the features this week. Sorry. You know how life gets during the summer. Feel free to link up a craft project, decorating idea, or a yummy recipe. Please don’t just link up a […]

Look What I Made! 6-29-2011

Hello ladies; it’s time again! I’m looking forward to seeing what all of you are up to. Want to know what I’m up to? Nothing. Our AC is on the fritz, and it is hot and miserable around here. We’ve been spending our days hiding out in the basement watching movies, playing games, and reading. […]

Look What I Made 6-1-2011

It is so great having my boys home for the summer! With so many hands fighting to hold little Rachel, I manage to have a bit of computer time. Don’t faint, but I actually had time to look at the projects and pick out a few of my favorites. I’m not sure I’ll be able […]