Strawberry Chocolate Chip Muffins

These Strawberry Chocolate Chip Muffins make any morning special!

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Muffins- Everything you love about chocolate covered strawberries all wrapped up into a soft and fluffy muffin. A breakfast treat that is sure to bring a smile to any face! When strawberry season rolls around, I get a little crazy. Every year I buy cases of fresh strawberries, and we proceed to […]

Flashback Friday- Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffles

Recipe for decadent Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffles- you won't believe how easy they are!

I noticed in my dashboard the other day that I am approaching 1,500 posts on this site. Whoa! I’ve been blogging for over 9 years. I don’t know if that means I’m dedicated or crazy. Or maybe it just means I like to talk a lot. I decided that I should start sharing some of […]

Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2014

Top 10 Projects at

Hello friends! The last two days I have shared my favorite recipes and projects from the last 12 months. Today I’m sharing the top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2014 according to google analytics. These are the posts that you liked the best. Some of them I knew had lots of views, but others surprised me. […]

Mouthwatering Recipes Featuring Cinnamon

Recipes with cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of my absolute favorite spices. We go through cinnamon like crazy at my house, especially during the fall! There is nothing that makes your house smell better during the fall than cinnamon in baked goods. Love it! I’ve got lots of cinnamony fall recipes that include apples and pumpkins. I love those, but I […]

18 Delicious Cookie Recipes

18 Cookie Recipes

Cookies, cookies, and more cookies. Who doesn’t love a fresh baked cookie? I know they are at the top of my list of diet busting comfort foods! Today I’m sharing 18 cookie recipes that I can’t wait to try. Most of them were linked up to my Wednesday linky party, and a few were pulled from […]

Drink Recipes Linky Party

Fresh Peach Shake

Truth be told, I don’t make fancy drinks very often. I am a water drinker. I am not a fan of carbonation, and a few sips is about all I can handle. (Except for the occasional root beer float). And I don’t drink alcohol. I do actually have a few awesome punch recipes, but usually […]

Healthy Recipes Linky Party


PLEASE READ!!!– I have made some changes to my weekly link party. Starting in January, I will be doing themed linky parties. I know that most of us link up hoping that our post will be featured. (I know I do.) By switching to themed link-ups, it will be much easier for me to do […]

Favorite Recipes from 2013


Well, the year is coming to a close. In keeping with past tradition, I thought I’d share a list of some of my favorite recipe posts from the past 12 months. If you missed them the first time around, hopefully you’ll give them a try this time. And as always, if you like them, I […]