Glass Marble Magnets-Christmas Gift Idea #3

We are buried in snow around here. I’m not real fond of the stuff, especially if I have to drive on slick roads, but I have to admit that it does get me in the mood for Christmas. Christmas just isn’t the same without snow. So I am grateful for the snow, at least for today. 🙂

Since I didn’t want to leave the house unless I had to, I spent the afternoon cooking and crafting. I whipped up these glass marble magnets in just a few minutes.

I made mine with a Christmas theme, but you could use them to match any decor. I love these magnets!!! Not only are they adorable, but they hold really well.

Who wouldn’t love a set of these cute magnets?

I posted a marble magnet tutorial earlier this year, so if you want to make them, you can check it out.

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