My Entry Table- “Fall-ified”

It’s been a busy morning. I made a batch of applesauce bread and four loaves of wheat bread. Cleaned the kitchen. Ate a piece of applesauce bread. Cut some vinyl lettering. Finished up some fabric pumpkins. Ate another piece of applesauce bread, then hid it so I wouldn’t be tempted anymore. Took down all the Halloween decor and put it away. I love productive mornings, don’t you?

Now I’m procrastinating my wallpaper removal job by putting up the Thanksgiving decorations. I still don’t have it all up yet, but I did get my entry table done. I changed it up a little from the way I did it last year. Wanna see it?

Here is the photo from last fall:
diy-fall-decoratingAnd here’s what I came up with this year:
diy-fall-decoratingWhich one do you like better, the old or the new?


  1. Wow, someone who can move mountains by 12:00 just like me, I though I was crazy. It’s awesome your decorating and crafty ideas, your cooking. Thanks for sharing, my kids loved the Peanut Butter cookies too.!

  2. Where did you get the entry/hallway table? It is adorable!!

  3. Hi Kara! Where did you get that beautiful table? I love it!

    • Brenda, the table was a Craigslist score I found several years ago. Still one of my favorite trash to treasure purchases!

  4. Love them both! They are great! I’m inspired to start my holiday decorating 😉

  5. I really like both, but the new one is my fave, seems fresher to me. Especially like the FALL peppers, and the two larger Orange ones up top. As said above, the green one stands out, but, for a couple of reasons, one because it’s the only green in the setting, but also because it is situated in one of the COI (Center of Interest) locations in the photograph of your fall set up. It’s called the rule of thirds. For visual artists and photographers, when composing a painting or photo. You divide your dimensions of the photo into thirds both ways, and the areas (four of them) where they intersect. Are the best places to put your Center of Interest (COI) for the painting or photo etc. These areas are know to please the eye so to speak. That green pepper falls more or less right in there lol. That thinking sort of works for many other types of visual art too in my mind……. Sorry if I got too wordy, just thought you might find that interesting, though, you may already know or just sense it, as you have a wonderful talent with your decorating and such… I don’t stop and comment often, but really like your blog. It’s lovely!!………Sharron

  6. I like the new addition of green this year. They are both so pretty. And that count your blessings plate is one of my favorites of all of your creations. I’m keeping my eyes open for a platter at the dollar store:)

  7. I like them both a lot! I love the count your blessings plate addition to the new one. I really like the rosettes on the lamp, but I think I sorta miss the splash of color the ribbon gave from last year. Also the green pumpkin on the bottom is a focal point to me since it is the only green thing. Perhaps a hint of green somewhere else would draw my eye back to the other things. I’m sure I am totally over-analyzing, but I can’t help myself, I spent too much time in college critiquing art! They both are so pretty and festive!

    • I actually thought the same thing about the green. I wanted something short to put by the platter, but didn’t have anything green, so I settled for the angel. I’m still on the lookout though. 🙂

  8. Super fall fabulous!

  9. I like the new with the bright colors. And I love the rosettes on the lamp shade.

  10. Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top says:

    Hmmmm I like last year’s set up but I think I really like this year’s better. Looks really nice, Kara. 🙂

  11. oh I love how the fall leaves look in your lamp – so very pretty and fallish!!! Great job!

  12. Looks really cute!

  13. love the new decor!

  14. The Mom @ Babes in Hairland says:

    I’m with them! I like them both – but I really like this year’s. I really just love you’re whole black entry table thinger! I wish I had something like that at my house!

  15. I love them both! I didn’t get much fall decorating done this year! ):

  16. I love both but I really love this years fall decor!!!!


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