When Multi Tasking Goes Wrong

You may have noticed that I didn’t post anything the end of last week. Don’t worry, I’m not dead. Or missing. Or sick. I’m just suffering from a case of MTGB. or “Multi-tasking gone bad”. Yep, I tried to do a few too many things at once.

Dutch Boy sent me some of their new Refresh paint line to try out. Our kitchen and family room are in total need of a makeover, so I was thrilled. Thursday morning I decided to prep my kitchen for said new paint job. When I started, my kitchen looked like this:

All I wanted to do was pull down the old wallpaper border. The first two strips pulled off without a hitch. Nice and easy. Then I got to the back piece. No such luck. I pulled out the ladder and attempted to pull it off, but could only get pieces the size of a quarter at a time. Frustrating! I showered, got ready, and drove the two younger boys to school to watch the Halloween parade. Neither one of them had a totally completed costume, but they looked good enough. 😉 After that, I:
-run to the music store to pick up son #1’s piano book
-run to the plumbing supply store to return the kitchen faucet
-stop at Shopko to pick up the last few pieces of son #4’s ghost costume
-stop at the grocery store to pick up groceries, soup ingredients and candy for son #3’s school party
-stop at the fabric store to pick up fabric for son #3’s ninja costume because he wanted a red belt and all we had was blue

I came home, unloaded the groceries, had a quick lunch, and started chopping veggies for soup.

After that, I headed to the elementary school to help with Halloween party in classroom of boy #3.
Then I came home to work on the Chicken Noodle soup that I was taking to the school for SEP dinners for the teachers at the elementary school.
Found out son #1 didn’t have a ride to basketball practice after all. Drove carpool into town, leaving son #2 in charge of soup.
Came back and started printing off paperwork for scout rechartering. Made noodles for soup and added them to the pot.
Grabbed the soup and two youngest boys and rushed down to the school for our SEP appointments, and to drop off the soup. Met with both of their teachers.
Rushed home to finish entering info and printing off scout rechartering paperwork. Ate dinner. Made frosting for totally laborious cake from the night before. It was just as much of a pain as the cake, and had to be put in the fridge to chill.
Sat down to add the final touches to ghost costume for son #4. At this point my hubbie walked in, started laughing, and said, “Look how many things you have going on here! This is crazy!  I’m taking a picture because you have to blog this.” I rolled my eyes at him, but then looked around and realized he was right. I’m pretty sure I have lost my mind.
Then I met with scout leader and handed him all the rechartering paperwork for his 7:30 meeting with the district.
Ran back down to the school to pick up my empty crock pot.
Found out that someone else had already taken it for me. Saw a couple of my neighbors’ dishes still there, so decided to return them so my trip wouldn’t be a total waste. Drove to two neighbor’s houses.
Came home and frosted cake.
Met with scout leader for second time because he realized I had forgotten to add one of the new scout leaders to the roster. Tried to fix it but couldn’t.
Ate a piece of cake and collapsed on the sofa.

Wow, that was a lot of rambling. If you’re still reading this, you are a true blog friend!

I didn’t really want to share the photo my hubbie took, but he threatened to hack into my blog, so I figured I might has well. Do you ever have days like this?

I promise I will be back later with something fun. 🙂


  1. Jessica P says:

    Wow- I could of written that post. That is so like me- are you a long-lost sister? My boy did his school parade too in a not completely finished, but done “enough” costume. And I’m heavily involved with my sons Scout pack too. I commonly have 3 or 4 things going at once, and have to stop in the middle to play taxi, run to the store or something. My hubs is always telling me I try to do too many things at once. I think it’s just a mom thing. ;o)

  2. Kara, I am just reading this now, and maybe by now you’ve already finished peeling the border, but in case you haven’t I wanted to share my wallpaper peeling secret! Take an empty spray bottle and fill with one part liquid fabric softener to 4 parts water. Spray a good amount over the wallpaper border (works on regular wallpaper too) and let sit for 5 minutes. Use a putty knife and peel. It should come off just fine. If there is any glue or paper residue, just spray down again, let sit, and peel again. Make sure you wash down the wall before painting. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for returning my cake pans as part of your multitasking overload day. Husb tells me only women can do the Super Multitasking Day routine. I only expect him to do 2 things in a row.

  4. This is so my life…

  5. Maybe it’s a Kara thing, because my kitchen starts like that each day and by 4:00 looks like that with 7 or so projects all over, that I have to clean up before my hubby comes home at 5pm. Awesome that your hubby has a good sense of humor. Mine is one of those type “A” can’t function in well… picture B. 🙂 So I get to add clean up all projects to my hour before he comes home. 🙁

  6. What a good mom you are! What a lady!

  7. Ha, ha, what do you mean you’ll come back and post something fun?! That was a riot! I feel like I have days like that but I only have two kids to keep up with. Makes me tired to read about it, but makes me laugh at the same time. You are pretty much my hero.

  8. Yes, and I am so worn out when I do have one of those days and I don’t even have kids to take here and there anymore. Hang in there…..take a deep breath and start again.

  9. I’ve had too many days like that – I’m just glad that today is not one of them!

  10. I have those days ALL THE TIME!

  11. That is multi-tasking at its finest! I thought you were going to say that wallpaper bits had gotten in the frosting or your son had forgotten to watch the soup or something. But you managed to get all the urgent stuff done on time and correctly–way to go!

  12. Days like that I need a maid.

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