Wicked Winter!

Dear Winter,
I have had it with you. I am tired of sliding around on icy roads. I am fed up with all of the extra laundry I have to do. Blankets, sweatshirts, coats, snowpants, gloves, and extra socks are constantly needing attention. I miss the days when my hands weren’t as dry as alligator skin. I am sick of dealing with sickness. I have really had it with the frigid temperatures and lack of sunshine.

Did you really need to freeze the pipes in my downstairs bathroom? That was just not nice. But apparently it wasn’t enough satisfaction for you. You also felt the need to cause an ice dam in our gutter, which led to water leaking into our master bathroom. Our newly re-modeled bathroom I might add. Which caused the wall by my window to look like this:
I do not like your sense of humor at all. In fact, I think you are a big fat meanie! I think it would be great if you could retire early this year. And go somewhere far far away. I am tired of looking at your ugly face.

Your worst fan

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  1. Oh Kara! I am SO sorry! I am in the same boat with you on Winter! We had a flooded basement because of the cold… I hope it all gets fixed up perfectly!

  2. Oh dear! I almost cried when I saw that picture! I know the blood sweat and tears of remodeling and I am so sorry your hard work got messed up by all this icky weather. .. We actually had a gorgeous day yesterday. We played outside and Andrew got caked in mud and I didn’t even care I was so happy to be outdoors. I hope you got some of that sunshine in your direction too. It made me long for spring very much! I like your letter by the way.

  3. That is hilarious! I hate winter too; we live in an area where it’s winter for about 7 months a year!! gaaaaah (sorry about your bathroom)

  4. Ugh, so sorry! That totally sucks! Think warm thoughts 🙂

  5. Oh poop! Not fun! Sorry to see the wrinkled paint!!!!

  6. Amen sista! had it with this winter. Sorry your pipes froze. . .I was soo worried about that.

  7. That is so sad! Sounds like you have a case of the Winter Blues…. I’m having my piano students write their own blues improv about this very subject today:) The Winter blues have gotten to us too. Jared finally found the time to finish painting the basement yesterday… only to find that the paint bucket that he stored in the garage was messed up beyond repair. So he went to get some new paint and after the touch-ups dried it was obvious that they gave him the wrong color. But I guess one thing went right – the frog tape you recommended worked great!

  8. That is awful! You should just ban all water from your house. I’m sure that would work.

  9. I’m so sorry…but I do like your sense of humor!!! 😉

  10. I am so sorry Kara! Our water bib on the front of our house froze a few years ago and made a nice mess in our basement! Stupid Winter! I feel your pain! I am ready for some nice warm sunshine!

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