Things I’ve learned as a mother of boys

Today we are finally taking our little girl home. Woohoo! I know that our life is going to change drastically (for the awesome) with this new little pink bundle. I am so excited to have another girl at the house with me.

Before we embark on this journey into ruffles and bows, I thought I’d share a few things I’ve learned as a mother of four boys. If any of you have any “boy wisdom”, please share by leaving a comment. For those of you who have boys, you will totally relate. For the rest of you, you can still have a good laugh at us. 🙂

1-If you put an entire pack of Trident through the washer and dryer, the sticks of gum will come out still in their wrappers.
2-If you put one tiny crayon through the washer, it will not stay in its wrapper. It will ruin every article of clothing in the dryer, and you will have to scrape waxy residue off the sides of the dryer.
3-No matter how much a teenage boy eats at dinnertime, he will be hungry 30 minutes later.
4-Telling a 7 year old boy to take a shower isn’t good enough. You must also remind him to use shampoo. And rinse it off.
5-Never leave bubblebath within the reach of a two year old boy. Bubblebath is impossible to remove from carpets.
6-If a bottle of bubblebath has been dumped on your carpet, every time you clean your carpets you will have more suds in your tank then you can imagine. For like four years.7-If after a particularly hard day, your 15 year old leaves a heart felt thank you not on your pillow, it will become one of your greatest treasures.

8-It doesn’t matter if the sheets are freshly washed and every item of clothing is clean, boys rooms still smell funny.

9-13 year old boys act like they don’t like hugs anymore. Hug them anyway.

10-Legos may be small, but they can inflict a large amount of pain when one steps on them in bare feet in the middle of the night.
11-Dirt loves little boys. It is attracted to them like a duck is to water. Learn to live with it.
12-Cream colored couches are beautiful in the Pottery Barn catalog, but unless you are insane, they don’t belong in a house full of energetic boys.
13-Boys break things. Accidents happen. But no “valuable” is more important than the self esteem of those boys.
14-Being a mother of boys is one of God’s greatest blessings. Even on challenging days.
15-A six pound baby girl can melt the hearts of four big boys in under 10 seconds. Even if they’ve only seen pictures and videos of her.
16-There is nothing that can replace the amazing experience of being a mother to boys! It rocks!


  1. I’ve learned all those lessons, too. I still have a slightly colored inside to my dryer from the crayon that snuck in THE FIRST TIME I USED IT.

  2. I’m so happy you get to finally come home! The girls are the ones who’ve done #’s 1 &2 to me. And almost all of my underwear has lovely pink spots on it – thanks to some red chapstick. You are going to have so much fun with a girl in the house!

  3. My boy’s only 16 months old, so I’ve learned a lot from this post and all the comments! Guess I need to start checking pockets on laundry day now? :o)

  4. Oh you said it all!! I have 2 girls(12 and 8) and 2 year old boy that I wasn’t even close to be prepared after having the girls!! LOL!! 🙂 Boys are so much fun! You are so right about dirt!!! My toddler LOVES dirt! Oh and he eats it too!!!

  5. I’ve got 2 boys at home (5 & 3) and 31 weeks pregnant with a girl. Your post brought me to tears (silly hormones!!!) and made me smile so big. Thanks for sharing & congrats of your bundle of PINK!!!

  6. Totally agree. Enjoy your little girl – adding ours a year ago definitely changed things after just having boys. It was great before and it’s even more wonderful now:)

  7. These are great!!! Congrats on bringing baby home!!!!!!

  8. I love this! You really do have great boys. Some of the best!
    And my comments about boys: If you want your two year old boy to blow his nose willingly, show him the tissue after each blow. The “ew” factor keeps him interested. And if giving your boy a cuddly stuffed animal doesn’t soothe him to sleep, give him a train to cuddle with, he’ll be snoring like an engine in no time! 🙂

  9. Congrats! I am sooooo happy for you! Many blessings to you and your expanding family!!

  10. Congratulations on your baby girl! I LOVE this post! PRECIOUS!

  11. Congratulations! We have two grown daughters and three little boys. I grew up with a little sister. I didn’t know that little boys aren’t capable of not making messes and not breaking things. My two oldest (twins) have just started trying to beat each other up on an almost hourly basis, and now they are teaching their little brother all their tricks. However, I AM their favorite princess, so all is well with the world.

  12. So true to all of it, especially the legos, trident and crayons. THey totally melt my heart though. So happy for your family.

  13. As a Mother of four boys, I can relate to your post!
    I love it! I feel your words! I must say, there is something miraculous about boys with little girls! When my little daughter was born, I watched my boys hearts melt, their countenance change, love was all over their faces, it was priceless and will forever be a etched memory in my mind! I’m so happy for you! You have so much JOY ahead of you with this sweet little addition to your family!

    Side note: When my oldest son was experiencing Junior Prom, he brought his beautiful date to our home, my little daughter was three at the time, she thought my son’s date was Cinderella, it was so fun!
    Little girls bring a lot of magical times!

  14. Congratulations Kara on your new little girl. As the mother of 4 girls I have to admit that almost all the items on your list apply here too. Especially the smelly room… part of that being a combo of nail polish remover and cheap perfume spilled on the carpet.
    Have a wonderful life with your new little girl, they’re great!

  15. awwww i love it… and YES its so true

  16. Kelly Stanworth says:

    I hear ya on the boy issues. The messes kill me. Can’t wait for you to get home and for your boys to spoil that little girl rotten. She’s going to have more attention than she knows what to do with.

  17. oh my gosh!!!! What wonderful news about your new baby girl! I am so happy for you and your family!! I am the only girl with three older brothers, and I have two boys with a girl in the middle. So from my perspective, I can tell you that your beautiful little Rachel will be doing all those things that your boys have done…..the crayons left in pockets that go through the wash, the bubble bath on the floor…..and add to that nailpolish spilled on the carpet, wearing your shoes at age 4 and borrowing your grandmother’s precious broach out of your jewelry box 🙂 Also as the only girl she may horrify her new mama by insisting on wearing athletic shorts and t-shirts like her brothers, not that I’m speaking from experience or anything. 🙂
    Enjoy every minute of it all! How wonderful it will be to experience life with a daughter, and for her to grow up in your family! Best wishes to all.

  18. I loved this post I have 2 boys and I loved the comment on everything can be cleaned in the room and it still smells like boys. And the bottle of bubble bath in the carpet oh yeah I have that as well lol … congrats on the baby girl so fun..

  19. Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top says:

    Army guys hurt too! haha!

    I have only one boy but I can so relate to this! 🙂

    Congrats on bringing your new baby girl home!

  20. I love this, Kara! So, so true! Nothing makes me curse faster than a lego in the middle of the night. 😉

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