Sharing my Book Page Pumpkin. . . on TV.

Don’t forget about the book page pumpkin giveaway going on through Friday. 🙂

In case you missed my television debut on Fresh Living last Friday, I did a demo of my Book Page Pumpkin. Here is the link:

Book Page Pumpkin on Fresh Living

Yes, I may have referred to double sided tape as double sided glue. What, you’ve never heard of double sided glue?

And no, I never make eye contact. Right before the camera started rolling, Debbie told me to look at her and Casey, not the camera. I’m just so obedient that I followed her instructions perfectly and came off looking (and feeling) a bit awkward. LOL!


  1. Go, Kara, go!! I am so proud for you!

  2. kara, i just watched your tv tut–thanks so much, i love this!

  3. Kara I think that you did a great job! Your TV debut went very well and I am sure that the next time it will get even easier. Don’t beat your self up. Celebrate the success!!!

  4. Christy @ Life, Made Interesting says:

    You did beautifully! So calm… I’d be stuttering like crazy. Love the pumpkin, too!

  5. congrads! That is so awesome! You did great!

  6. Kara! It’s Becky from good ol’ D Harbor (Dan’s wife), and I’ve followed your blog ever since you made those delicious peanut butter chip cookies ages ago. The best part is that he bothered your poor hubby till he gave it to us. So excellent! I’m so proud of your TV appearance! That had to take such steady nerves, and your creation is so brilliant! Great job, and i hope the good things keep coming your way!

  7. You did so great!! How fun. You even have me thinking I could make one of these lol They are so cute!

  8. You did great! You seemed really relaxed. Way to go!

  9. Oh my gosh!! I have a famous friend! Way to go Kara. You were great on TV!

  10. I think you did great!! I LOVE this pumpkin and have pined it and facebooked it!:) You are so creative:)

  11. You did such an awesome job! Love the pumpkin!

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