Halloween Food Ideas

You guys totally have me laughing today. I can spend hours choosing (or coming up with) a recipe, craft or project. . . making said recipe, craft, or project. . . taking photos. . . uploading photos. . . editing the photos. .  . and typing up a post that makes at least a little sense. I get one comment.

Yesterday I spent two minutes taking a picture of my dirty kitchen and got more response than I’ve had in weeks. So maybe I just need to start taking pictures of my unfinished projects, dirty bathrooms, and mounds of laundry, and telling you what a disorganized dufus I am. If that’s what it takes to get a little human feedback from actual adults, maybe I need to change the name of this blog from “Creations by Kara” to “Confessions of Kara” LOL!

Today I am sharing some fun Halloween foods from around the web. Not a single photo of a dirty kitchen. Feel free to totally ignore me. 😉

Non-Sugar Coma Inducing Halloween Foods:

Mummy Meatloaf at The Knead for Speed
Veggie Witch Brooms at Little Food Junction
Ghost Shepherd’s Pie at Kraft Foods
Maggot Sliders at Helle’s New England Kitchen
Eyeball Taco Salad at Taste of Home
Frankenstein Pesto Pizza at Munchkin Munchies
Tentacle Pie at Not Martha
But because really it is all about the sugar–Fun Halloween Treats:

Chocolate Dipped Candy Corn Cookies at The Idea Room
Spider Web Snacks at Sweet Treats and More
Dracula’s Dentures at Nestle Kitchens
Brain Clot Cupcakes at Annie’s Eats
Candy Corn Cupcakes at Our Best Bites
Spider Web Caramel Apples at Purple Chocolate Home


  1. MMM so many yummy ideas! Hope you have a Happy Halloween!

  2. Thanks for sharing other web sites that you have found. I just found you through another blog. I have subscribed to be a follower.

  3. Kay Leonard says:

    I am wondering how in the world you have the time to create all these things that you do!!!

  4. Thanks for posting 🙂 The Maggot Sliders and Blood Clot Cupcakes almost made me puke though LOL

  5. I think we are all secretly unorganized. We just all handle it and cover it differently. I always read your blog, but don’t always get time to comment. I think its cute and I love the halloween treat ideas.
    Trust me the more you share about unorganization the more we all thrive. Takes some of the sting out of our own issues:-)

  6. thanks for the ideas. some new things to take to Halloween then what i made last week.

  7. We just identify better with the dirty kitchen! Doesn’t mean we don’t read all your other great ideas. Keep up the good work.

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