Fish Foam Glass Cleaner {Product Review}

If you’re like me, January is a time for cleaning and organizing. With the business and excitement of the holidays, there are lots of jobs that get neglected in November and December. Like window washing. I know my windows and mirrors are in a sad state of affairs come January first!
Now that things are slowing down and we are back on a schedule, I have been tackling all those neglected jobs one by one. Luckily I was given the opportunity to review some

Fish Foam Window and Glass Cleaner.

This is some seriously awesome glass cleaner people! I tried it out on some windows and it worked fabulously. But you’re going to have to take my word on that one, because I couldn’t get a decent shot from indoors, and it is way too cold outside for me to stand out there taking photos. 😉

I also used it on my mirrors, and I love it. The best part is that it is foam, so you don’t have to get all stressed out trying to wipe it off before it runs down onto the mirror frame. Loved that! Such a bonus, especially if you have your kids cleaning mirrors and windows. Which I totally do.

I used it on the medicine cabinet in my youngest boys’ bathroom. Here’s a close up of the before:
glass cleaner product reviewSee how after you spray on the Fish Foam it just stays in place? No running down. Hooray!
product review-glass cleanerLook how sparkly and clean it is afterwards. No streaking at all! It’s alcohol based, so it doesn’t leave streaks. So awesome!
product review-fish foamI also tried it out on the computer monitor in our kitchen. My boys use it, and it is constantly filthy.
product reviewYa, I know. Gross. How can they even see anything on that?!

Here’s what it looks like after the magic of Fish Foam:
glass cleanerHave I convinced you to try this awesome glass cleaner? You can buy it at the Fish Foam Glass Cleaner website.

If you really want the job done right, you can have Fish Window Cleaning come to your house and wash your windows. My friend Shelley at House of Smiths had them come do her windows, and she loved the results!

Disclaimer: Fish Foam sent me 3 cans of glass cleaner to review. I was not compensated for this post, and all opinions are 100% mine.


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