DIY Decorating– Living Room Table

I think it is entirely possible that I am the slowest decorator on the planet. I have some serious issues people. Who takes 12 months to decorate a simple living room end table? Me, that’s who. First I shop thrift stores for months finding a table that is the right shape and size. The easy part is painting it. That I can almost do with my eyes closed.

Accessorizing, not so much. I scour Pinterest for decorating ideas. I put things on the table, I take them off. I arrange them, I re-arrange them. I decide I need different things. I make different things. I put them on the table. . . and the saga continues. I think about hiring an interior decorator to help me make decisions. But then decide I don’t want to fork out the cash. After all, I’m a DIY’er, so I should be able to you know, do-it-myself. So I buckle down and get the job done. It’s not always perfect, but it’s good enough. At least for awhile. 😉

After a slow and deliberating process, my living room table is finally decorated. (We won’t talk about the other two tables in the room, mkay?) Here she is:
The table itself was a DIY project. I bought it a couple of years ago at a yard sale for $5. It had a few scratches and was really dusty. Nothing that a little spackling and spray paint couldn’t fix!
DIY-spray-painted-tableShe looks so much better now that she’s all dressed up. And in case any of you are wondering, here is the break down of each of the projects.
diy-decorating-living room-table1-This faux plant was my biggest splurge in the room. I bought it at Tai Pan Trading. Even with a coupon it was $40. I almost didn’t buy it, but my husband was with me and talked me into it. So glad I did. It would have taken me hours to make, and probably wouldn’t have saved me that much money. Thanks honey!

2-I found a thrift store frame in my stash and spray painted it white. Filled it with the printable quote that I designed.

3-The nest was actually an Easter decoration that I didn’t end up using. The bird is one of those ever popular Dollar Store birds that I spray painted white.

4-My frame needed a little height, so I covered some books with fabric and placed it on top.

5-My easy peasy spray painted decor balls.

6-The pedestal bowl I pulled from another room.

Whew, I actually did it. It is such a great feeling crossing this project off my list!

What unfinished projects are nagging at you? Please tell me you have some.

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  1. Wow! I really liked this DIY decorating living room table. Very stylish.

  2. This is beautiful, I love how you mixed some colors to make it look bright. The colors are perfect and I like the way you arranged it.

  3. I am exactly the same way! I have such a hard time deciding on decor, for some reason. And I have thought about hiring a decorator, too! But then I think, “I dont want stuff in here that some other person thought of, I want stuff that means something to ME.” So, anyway, I understand the painful process 🙂 And I LOVE your covered books! I have a lamp that needs some height and have wondered what to do about it. You have answered my question! Thanks!

    • It sure can be a painful process, but luckily it usually turns out great eventually! And I’m so glad you found my covered book idea helpful. Always love to hear that! 🙂

  4. It looks great! I love the blues in combination with the natural look of the plant and nest. I have a little table like that I got at D.I. *ahem* a couple of years ago that I bought the paint tonight to finish.

    • Haha. I’ve got a couple chairs that have been sitting in my garage for a couple of years. Totally understand! I’m hoping this is the summer that I actually get them finished.

  5. Anne marie says:

    Oh have you inspired me. I have a table almost exactly like yours and it has been sitting here for years just waiting for some attention. Did you use a satin finish black spray paint?? I do not know why I am so afraid of spray paint. Love the way you decorated the table – so inviting! Thanks for inspiring me to get moving!!!

    • Yep, I used a satin finish spray paint. It’s my favorite for furniture. A little shiny, but not too much. 🙂

  6. It looks really nice Kara, I love it all! Your table looks amazing with it’s new coat of paint and that little bird on the twig nest is so adorable–great job. 🙂


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