Memorial Day Recipes

Yesterday was the last day of school for my boys. Hoo-stinkin-ray! I am so glad that summer is finally here. Starting about the first or second week of May, I am so ready for school to be over. I know some parents dread having all their kids home during the summer months, but I like having mine around.

This year I have an extra reason for wanting them home. And yes, it’s a selfish reason. You see, I have a bunch of DIY projects I’ve been wanting to tackle. But a certain adorable one-year old is making it kinda challenging. Now I will have four adoring brothers to help me keep an eye on her. I might actually get to work on projects for more than five minutes at a time. Awesomesauce!

It won’t be an all work no play summer. We have a few fun things planned. I’m not a totally mean mom. At least not all the time. 😉 Today we are heading to an air show. We’ve never been, but I think the boys are going to love it. And of course Memorial Day is Monday, and it’s always great when my husband has work off. Not sure what we’ll be doing yet, but I know it will involve yummy food. Every holiday does, at least at our house. I love picking out new recipes to try, especially for holidays and special occasions. Here are a few recipes that I think are perfect for Memorial Day. Hope you have a fantastic long weekend!!

Memorial Day Recipes

Amazing Guacamole
amazing-guacamole-recipeHomemade Hamburger Buns
Lemon Grilled Chicken
recipe-lemon-grilled-chickenAmazing Steak Marinade
Oriental Salad
recipe-oriental-saladBerry Cheesecake Pie
recipe-berry-cheesecake-pieCookies and Cream Ice Cream
cookies-and-cream-ice-cream-recipeBlueberry Cream Cheese Ice Cream


  1. Bindhurani says:

    Hopefully the adoring brothers will help the sister occupied and I can see some amazing projects.
    Have a wonderful time.

  2. Not that everything doesn’t look delicious, but I pinned the homemade burger buns. I must make those.


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