A Little Sneak Peek at Our Kitchen Makeover

I am discovering that a DIY Kitchen Makeover with an 18 month old is even more challenging than I expected. I know, duh, right?

I did get the cabinets all painted. Hoo-stinkin’-ray! Here’s a peek:
diy-kitchen-makeoverA bajillion times better than the orange oak I had before.
The beadboard is up and painted. We just need to add the trim and the baseboard at the bottom.
diy-kitchen-makeoverThankfully I got all 24 of my baseboards painted before the whopper of a storm hit and dropped a foot of snow.
diy-kitchen-makeoverThe trouble? I can’t install them. Nap time is out because the air compressor and nail gun are loud enough to wake the dead. And while awake, Rachel is terrified of the noise. So I have to wait until my boys or hubbie are home to distract her in the basement. Unfortunately, what with work, school, jobs, sports, and extra curricular activities, they are not home much. So my baseboards sit lined up in the garage, patiently waiting.
Me, I am waiting too. But not quite so patiently.


  1. I have a white kitchen with butter yellow walls and I love it! I like white soo much better than the now-typical wood, stainless, and granite that every home seems to have nowadays. Our cabinets don’t reach the ceilings, so I collect vintage milkglass pieces and cakestands to display up there. I can’t wait to see the whole kitchen!

    • Sounds so pretty! Milkglass is such a classic and beautiful way to decorate. I bet the tops of your cabinets look fabulous! Sure hope I can come up with something that looks good. 🙂

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