Favorite Projects from 2012

Um, wow, can you believe that 2012 is almost over? Me neither! It has been a crazy year at our house, full of changes. Mostly good, a few not so great. I didn’t get all the projects accomplished that I planned, but we did make progress! And we have a few major makeovers that are close to completion. Can’t wait to show you those!
In the meantime, here are a few of the things that I did manage to get done this year. And if you missed the post yesterday, I shared some of my favorite recipes. Hopefully you can find something to inspire you!

Favorite Projects from 2012!
In January my brother in law showed us how to install wainscoting in our upstairs hallway. I love the way it transformed the space!

In February I finally got up the guts and painted my oak mantel white. I love it so much that I seriously wish I had done it sooner!
diy-painted-mantelThis Printable Valentine’s Day game was a huge hit with my kiddos! I have a feeling my youngest son might want to hand it out again this year. 🙂
Who woulda thought that a faux granite countertop could look so gorgeous? It’s been almost a year, and I still love my new laundry room counter top. Looks just as good as the day I finished it.
My Book Page Easter Egg Banner surprised me by going viral on Pinterest. Thanks to each and every one of you who shared it!

My DIY Cherry Blossoms were one of the cheapest projects I have ever made, but boy did they make an impact on my mantel! Looking at them makes me wish it was spring.
I am still loving the versatility of my Interchangeable Book Page Wreath!
diy, tutorial, book-page-wreath

My DIY Flower Lampshade took half an eternity to put together, so thankfully I am still thrilled with how it looks in my living room. Don’t you hate it when you spend forever on something only to end up not being able to stand it? Or does that only happen to me?
diy-flower-lampshadeAfter spending hours on all those flowers, I was thrilled to come up with a decor project that took mere minutes. These DIY Spray Paint Decor Balls came together in a snap. And thankfully they seem to be indestructible. I have a hard time  keeping Rachel from using them as baseballs. Yes, I find them in the strangest places. On a daily basis.
It is sure fun finally having a girl to accessorize! These layered felt flowers are so easy, but they look so darn adorable!
tutorial, layered-felt-flowers
My fall mantel display. Nothing epic, but man it is awesome finally having a mantel that I can decorate!

And last but not least, my Don’t Eat Santa printable Christmas game. If you haven’t played it yet, what are you waiting for? It might just become a favorite tradition at your house like it is at ours!
free-printable, christmas-game

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