Shelf Makeover and Fall Decor Touches

I am slowly adding more fall decor to my home. My latest completed project is a shelf in my entry way. I did a makeover on the shelf, then I hung it and spruced it up with some fall decorations. I already had all the fall wreath and the pumpkins, so it cost me nothing. Since my entry table is all decorated for fall, when people come to my door, they will think my whole house is all decked out in beautiful fall decor. Haha, I totally have them fooled. They don’t need to know that I still have my spring mantel up, right? 🙂

I have an old mirror that was painted green. I love the shape of it, but the color didn’t match my decor any more. So I decided to give it a makeover. Luckily I was able to remove the mirror panels from the back, so I was able to use spray paint on it. I painted it black so I can decorate it for the different holidays and seasons. Here it is before its makeover:
shelf-makeoverThe hardest part of this project? Taking the darn pictures! Do you know how hard it is to take decent photos of a mirror? I took dozens of shots from like a million angles, and I still couldn’t get on without my elbow, or the stairs, or glare from the front window. or all of the fall decor on my table. I finally bribed my 15 year old to stand behind me holding up a canvas drop cloth. But eventually he quit on me, so the rest of my pictures have distracting background. Ignore it, OK?
fall-decorationsI love these little fabric pumpkins. I made up a fabric pumpkin tutorial a couple years ago, this time I just made them out of upholstery fabric instead of canvas. They are easy, but so cute.
fall-decor, shelfAre you decorating for fall and Thanksgiving, or do you skip straight to Christmas?


  1. Sad, I was hoping you were going to give me the answer to how to take great pictures of mirrors! Love how your shelf turned out.


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