The DIY Bed Makeover That Nearly Did Me In

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A few days ago I told you the struggle I was having with my latest DIY project- a bed makeover for my oldest son.
DIY Twin Bed MakeoverYou know, where I ended with a quilt taped to my living room floor and no idea how to get it finished. Well, the headache continued. I checked three stores, but couldn’t find the walking foot I needed to do the actual quilting. So I ordered one online. 

When it arrived, I couldn’t get the darn thing attached to my machine. After 30 minutes, I finally got it working. Or so I thought. After I had sewed just a few inches, it came loose, turned sideways, and broke my sewing machine needle. What the heck!! I was so frustrated I wanted to just toss my machine in a lake. Back to the store for a new needle. I bought two packs of six, you know, just in case. 

By the time I got everything put back together again, I was burned out, and I only sewed a few strips before I called it a day. The next day I realized that there is a reason people pay to have their quilts professionally stitched together. Quilting a quilt on a regular sewing machine is HARD! I would not have gotten through this project without a little help from my husband who held the end of the quilt as I sewed, and Advil®, which helped relieve my pain and made it so my head didn’t feel like it was going to burst. 

The quilt is now sort of done. At least it’s on the bed. But some of the stitching lines are so puckered that I want to cry. I told my husband that I may just unpick the whole thing and pay someone to do a better job. Of course he thinks I’m crazy. 
Quilt Project

Bunk Bed Makeover with Strip Quilt-008-2

This quilt was a pain in the neck, and I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with it anymore. LOL!

Stressful DIY bed makeover

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  1. Love the Y Print! My boys would love it.

    • Justin has already requested that I make him a quilt with the leftover material. Good thing I bought extra, I think they will all want one. 🙂

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