2017 Top Ten Recipes from Creations by Kara

I always love looking back over the past year and seeing which new recipes from the past year were the most well received. I try, but I can hardly ever guess which recipes will be a hit. Of the recipes I shared in 2018, these ten recipes alone were viewed over 3 million times! Thanks so much for your love and support!

2017 top ten recipes from creationsbykara.com

2017 Top Ten Recipes

10- Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies: Soft and fluffy, these cookies are always a hit. I actually prefer them with white chocolate, but I’m the only one in my family who does.
Best ever pumpkin cookies with chocolate chips. A classic fall cookie recipe.
9- Butterscotch Zucchini Blondies: I was actually surprised by how seriously tasty these bars turned out. A new favorite way to use zucchini for sure!
After one bite of these butterscotch zucchini blondies, you will never wonder what to do with your extra zucchini. They are incredible!

8- Orange Banana Muffins: I almost never add glaze to my muffins, so my kids were thrilled with these. Apparently all of you were too. 😉
Give these Orange Banana Muffins a try. You are sure to love them!

7- Cherry Cheesecake Brownies: Oh my. These brownies are decadent beyond words. You can’t go wrong with two epic desserts combined into one.
Fudgy brownies with a creamy cheesecake layer and a swirl of cherry pie filling. Everyone will love these decadent brownies.
6- Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies: One of the best ways to use up overripe bananas. Because sometimes you get tired of banana bread. (At least my family does.)
Soft and chewy banana chocolate chip cookies. A yummy way to use overripe bananas!
5- Turtle Candies: Why oh why have I not tried making these sooner? So easy, so incredibly yummy.
Chocolate caramel pecan turtles
4- Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Scones: We LOVE scones at our house, and these are definitely a new favorite. I can never pass up chocolate and peanut butter.
My family went crazy for these peanut butter scones. With chocolate chips and peanut butter glaze, they are irresistible!
3- Copycat Leatherby’s Caramel Sauce: This was a favorite from my childhood, and I was thrilled to find a copycat recipe that brought back a lot of fun memories.
This homemade caramel sauce is rich, creamy, and absolutely scrumptious!
2- From Scratch Blueberry Pancakes: Some of the best pancakes you will ever eat, especially if you serve them with buttermilk syrup.
Made from scratch Blueberry Pancakes. We love our blueberry pancakes with buttermilk syrup. A great pancake recipe.
1- Cucumber Mint Sugar Scrub: I got a good giggle when I discovered that my top recipe from last year wasn’t even a recipe for food. Looks like the rest of you struggle with dry skin just like I do. I love this stuff!

Sometimes the ones I love the most aren’t as popular with all of you. Just for funsies, I’m going to share two recipes that were among the least popular last year.

Chicken Pot Pie Soup – I was shocked that this soup didn’t do well. It is seriously one of the tastiest soups I’ve ever made. Those little pie strips on top? Epic.
Chicken Pot Pie Soup served with crispy, buttery pie crust strips. A delicious soup recipe the whole family will enjoy.
Tin Roof Sundae Ice Cream – I loved this ice cream so much that I may or may not have hid the leftovers in our garage freezer so I wouldn’t have to share them. So yummy.
Homemade tin roof sundae ice cream

There you go, the most visited recipes from 2017. Did your favorite make the list? Which one are you going to try?

2017 Top Ten Recipes from Creations by Kara - cookies, desserts, breakfast recipes.

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