Easy DIY Christmas Decor–Joy Sign

The good news– my Christmas mantel is finally finished! The bad news– it has been so cloudy outside that I have virtually no natural light, and I cannot get a decent photo to share with you. Which is totally bumming me out, because I’m kinda proud of it. Thankfully my husband and sons oohed and […]

Vinyl Lettering for the Living Room Wall

Hello, hello! I have not been the best blogger this week, have I? My boys are out of school for a long weekend. I took the three youngest to my parent’s house on Wednesday and we got back last night. I took my laptop with me, totally planning on posting from there. Obviously I did […]

Living Room Decoration {Yes, I actually made something!!}

Slowly but surely the living room is coming together. I think I almost have the shelf above the piano done.  I re- arranged it over a dozen times, and finally realized it needed something tall on it. Enter a trash to treasure project. I dug through my extensive stash and pulled out this plaque: I […]

Monogrammed Knife Block

My kitchen decorating project continues to crawl along. Hopefully by the time spring is here and I can get my cabinets painted, I will have all my decorations ready. At least that’s what I’m hoping. We’ve had warmer weather lately, and it has been awesome because I’ve finally been able to spray paint again. Woohoo! […]

Wedding gift idea–vinyl lettering family tile

We’ve had several weddings in our neighborhood the last few weeks. Usually I just go in on a group gift, but I was feeling like doing something a little more personal. Vinyl lettering is all the rage now, so I decided to go that direction. We had a tile leftover from our bathroom renovation. Score! […]

Spray Painted Candle Holder

We had a fabulous day yesterday. It was my 3rd son’s 9th birthday and we spent some time with my parents. He wanted to go see The Lightening Thief, so we went to the matinee. I thought it was a little intense to be PG,  but we all enjoyed it. My older boys said it […]

Bathroom decor–vinyl lettering

I should have spent the day preparing for Thanksgiving. But instead, I just had to get a project finished. I know, I am slightly obsessed. But Thanksgiving is at my mom’s house, so it’s not as bad as it sounds. No housecleaning required, so I’ll be ready in time. Really. 🙂 I loved these iron […]

Decorating with Plates: The Second Round

Well, I made it through Book Fair Week. Whewww! Unfortunately, I also picked up a head cold which has now settled in my chest. Not fun, but much better than my previous run ins with swine flu and strep. I actually don’t feel too bad, I’m just trying to stay away from other people so […]