Christmas Stocking Goodie Bags

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I shared this Christmas stocking goodie bag at Sumo’s Sweet Stuff last week, but in case you missed it, I’m sharing it here as well. I used my goodie bags as part of our Christmas Stocking Advent Calendar. One of the days I put a slip of paper in one that said “look under your pillow.”  My boys  each found one of these candy filled stockings hiding there. They loved them!
christmas-stocking-goodie bag
Here’s how you can make some for your family or friends.

Christmas Stocking Goodie Bags

-Scissors, pencil, punches, and glue stick
-Tape runner or double sided tape
-Sewing machine/thread
Free stocking pattern

1-Stack two sheets of vellum on top of each other. Trace the stocking pattern onto the top one.
2-Holding the sheets of vellum firmly together, stitch on top of the line you just traced. I used red thread, but you can use any color you like. It is kind of tricky to stitch on paper, so don’t worry if it isn’t perfect. 🙂
3- Cut out your stocking just outside the stitched line. If you want, you can fancy them up a bit by using decorative edge scissors. Totally optional.
4- Cut a piece of cardstock 3 1/2x 3 1/2″, and fold it in half. You can use fancy scissors on the edge, or you can just round the corners.
5-Now embellish it however you like. I included the pattern for the holly leaves if you want to use them. For the berries I just used a punch. I attached everything with a glue stick.
6-Now fill your stocking with small candies. I used M&M’s-because they are of course the best small candies!
7-Use a tape runner or some double sided tape on the insides of your top flaps.
8-Now just place the stocking inside, press the flaps down firmly, and you’re done!



  1. Hi
    I just don’t know what vellum means in craft 🙁
    could you please explain …I wud be highly obliged

  2. Hi Kara, just wanted to say thanks for this tutorial. It was perfect for my vellum challenge at Unstampabelles. This is my post with the two stockings I made if you would like a look.

    • I love how your stockings turned out! That dotted vellum is so darn cute! It always makes me happy to see that someone has used one of my tutorials. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Do you have any ideas of how someone like myself who doesn’t own or have access to a sewing machine could make these?

    • I have never had good luck using glue on vellum, but if you used regular paper or cardstock, you could just glue the edges instead of sewing them. Good luck!

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