Bathroom decor–vinyl lettering

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I should have spent the day preparing for Thanksgiving. But instead, I just had to get a project finished. I know, I am slightly obsessed. But Thanksgiving is at my mom’s house, so it’s not as bad as it sounds. No housecleaning required, so I’ll be ready in time. Really. 🙂

I loved these iron wall grids at JC Penney’s. But they were $160 for the set of 4. Yikes!!! No way was I going to fork out that kind of money. A couple months ago they went on clearance for $30. Yep, $30, for all four of them. I ordered them right away!

It’s taken me awhile to get them hung because I had a few places I wanted to put them and I couldn’t decide. I finally came up with a plan. I used two in my boy’s bathroom, and I am saving two for another place. Wooo stinkin’ hooo!

After I hung them, I thought they needed a little something to top them off. Enter vinyl lettering. Are you surprised? I used a quote from one of my oldest son’s favorite books. I sure hope he likes it as much as I do. I think it is a great reminder about what really matters.

So here you have it, my newly decorated bathroom wall:

Wow, in the photo it looks like the letters are bowed up in the middle. They aren’t in real life. And the wall is a nice tan color, not so yellow orange-y looking. But at least you get the idea. Don’t you just love that quote from Professor Dumbledore!? 🙂

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