Upcycled Denim Flower Tutorial

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Denim Flower Tutorial – a perfect way to use up those old jeans. Such a fun and easy craft project!
I noticed on my Google analytics that lots of people stumble across my blog looking for “denim flower tutorial“. I figured if that many people are interested in it, I should probably come up with one.

So here goes, my very first denim flower tutorial. I have a few others in the works, but this one is really easy, so I started with it first. Have fun!

Shabby Denim Flower Tutorial

-pair of old jeans
-flower pattern (I just drew one, it doesn’t need to be perfect.)
fabric scissors
heavy duty needle 
button or other embellishment


Start with an old pair of levis. Any pair will do.
denim flower-tutorial

Cut out your flower patterns. I just drew one, then kept tracing around it to make it larger.
denim flower-tutorial

Now use a sharp pair of scissors to start cutting out your flowers. They do NOT need to be perfect. I don’t even pin my pattern to the fabric, I just lay it on, then hold it with one hand and cut with the other.
denim flower-tutorial

Repeat with the remaining pattern pieces.
I think it looks best to do two of the largest size, then just one of each of the other sizes. You can experiment and see what you prefer.
Now you have a whole bunch of flowers in various sizes.
denim flower-tutorial

Stack them on top of each other, starting with the largest on the bottom.
denim flower-tutorial

Now you need to sew them together. It is pretty tough to get through all those layers of denim, so make sure you use a heavy needle. Start from the back and come up through the middle.
denim flower-tutorialdenim flower-tutorial

Push the needle back down. To make it easier, I got the needle started, then put the eye on the table and pushed down. Repeat a few times till you’ve got a few stitches securing all the layers.
denim flower-tutorial

Next up you need to pick an embellishment for the center.
You can go casual and pick a brown button:
denim flower-tutorial

Or you could go girly and add a little pink crochet flower:
denim flower-tutorial
Use your imagination, there are tons of fun embellishments! I decided to use this pretty vintage-y button this time. I just kept stitching it on till I felt like it was secure. Isn’t it pretty?
denim flower-tutorial

To get a more shabby look, you need to rough it up a bit. It helps to spray it lightly with water first. See those little droplets on the table? That’s how much I sprayed. You don’t need to soak it, just get it damp.
denim flower-tutorial

Now squish it all together into a ball and hold it that way for a few seconds so it holds its shape.
denim flower-tutorial

When you are all finished, it will look like this:

If you want it even more shabby, just pull on the edges with your fingers and the denim will fray.

That’s it! Now you can add a hair clip or pin to the back and you’re all set to go! Enjoy your new beautiful flower, I bet you’ll get lots of compliments!

Step by step instructions for making a beautiful denim flower from an old pair of jeans. A perfect upcycling craft project.

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  1. I love love love this flower. Would you mind if I use this idea on my blog and give you credits?

  2. Pattie capers says

    I was looking for a few things to help decorate my small reception for country wedding . And use it for a corsage for my special guest.will post after wedding

  3. I really have to stop showing up so late at the fair. A couple of seconds ago, I realized that this is a post from 2010!!!! But it definitely is still timely and adorable, so it went into my Pinterest locker right away.

  4. Great tutorial! No more sending those old Wranglers to the second hand store!

  5. hi kara !!! thankyou so much for tutorials i love, love love them ! keep them coming… and HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU AND YOURS !!!

  6. www.armas.es says

    I really like what you guys are up too.
    This type of clever work and coverage! Keep up the fantastic works guys I’ve added you guys to my

  7. hi great job

  8. Debbi T. says

    Such a cute idea! I have a white pair of jeans that got stained with something pinkish, (Just in a few spots) and I am going to try making these flowers in the white denium and maybe tinting them around the edges!!! Thanks for your help in getting my creative juices flowing!!

  9. These are adorable, thank you for sharing this tutorial. I am doing my first craft show this Fall and I am trying to make most of my items from recycled materials. This will be a great addition. By the way, I found your blog through pinterest.

  10. I’ve been going crazy making your cute flowers…lots of ’em! I am a cancer patient who wears hats on a daily basis and your flowers do the trick in extending my hat wardrobe!
    I sew a small brooch pin (or a small safety pin depending on the thickness and size of the flower) and just pin them on! It make them so much more bright and cheery, and the same cap or crocheted beanie has infinite different looks! Love, love your designs, thanks so much!

  11. This is such an amazing tutorial and it has sparked my imagination and creativity. I can’t thank you enough for helping me!! My friend is going to love what I’m going to make her, thanks to your help.

  12. I would love to get various flower patterns via email..I have very little imagination when it comes to drawing anything. Please help!

  13. I can’t tell you how much I adore this! Thank you for the fabulous tutorial!! I featured this tutorial today on my blog with a roundup of flower tutorials. Here is the link:


    Thank you so much for inspiring me. Have a wonderful day!


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  15. I am Sooo excited to teach these at our family reunion as a craft project! It would really be helpful to have the flower patterns….would it be an option to trace them on a paper and scan them in- save them as a document or a picture and then email me them? I don’t know how to do PDF’s but this might work as an alternative?? Thanks!! ahomer55@msn.com

  16. Country Girl in the City says

    Hi, I wanted to let you know that I made your denim flowers and posted about them on my blog. Thanks for the great idea!

  17. Bridgette says

    SUPER CUTE! Thanks for linking up to Anything related! ~Bridgette

  18. Country Girl in the City says

    I love the denim flower and I am going to work on making one today. I have a pair of jeans lying around that are just begging to be turned into denim flowers!! I’m interested in the PDF thing too…..


  19. Love it! I’ll have to try this with my kids old jeans that have holes in the knees!

    Mary Ellen

  20. This looks great. Thanks for posting it. I can imagine it in all sorts of coloured denim too!

  21. Jax@Aly&Ash says

    Super cute! Saw it at Someday Crafts!

  22. These are cute! My husband wants me to patch a few pair of his jeans, but now I don’t wanna!!! Maybe one will be “too far gone”!

  23. Cute! Cute! Cute! I have a stack of holy levis and I will have to make something like this!!!!

  24. Very cute! I recently made a bunch of different denim flowers, though in a different style. Love how yours came out 🙂

  25. Le Chateau des Fleurs says

    Super cute!

  26. Cute, cute flower!! If you find out how to do the downloadable PDF thing, please share!! I’ve been wondering how to do that too!

    Thanks for linking @Creative Itch’s “Sew Cute Tuesday”!

  27. Katie@Impatientlyprayingforpatience says

    Wait…you cook too!! So…when can you move in?

  28. June Bug says

    So cute!! If I show this to my little crafty 9-yr-old, she’ll want to live at your house forever. I’ll just keep you a secret!

  29. So cute! That’s a great idea!

  30. LOVE the new look. Congrats!

  31. I love this and making it out of denim is a great idea!!

    • Thanks Debbie! I’ve done it with different fabrics, and that’s cute too. 🙂

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