DIY Moss Art: Outdoor Decor

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At the beginning of summer, I added some decor to my front porch. This month I’ve been working on sprucing up my back patio. So when the theme for the monthly FloraCraft® challenge was Outdoor Decor, it was a perfect fit!
Outdoor Decor: Moss Art Tutoriial

I was sent a box of foam sheets, and I immediately knew I would use them to make a wall hanging of some type. I had no idea what I wanted to make, I just knew it needed to be fast and easy. Because while I wish summer was all about relaxing, at our house it’s more like running around crazy every minute of the day with no time to catch your breath. Not a lot of time for crafting.  This Hanging Moss Art was perfect for my hectic schedule, because it is so simple!

Easy Hanging Moss Art for your patio

Here’s how you can make your own DIY Moss Art. 

-1 FloraCraft® Make It Fun® Foam Sheet, 1/2″ x 12″ x 36″
-1 Roll of Sheet Moss
-Heavy Duty Glue (I love StyroGlue® when working with foam.)
Exacto Knife
-12″ sticks (I just gathered some from my yard.)
-Hot glue sticks and glue gun
-Heavy duty tape
-Stick or dowel for hanging
-Vinyl siding hook (unless of course your house is brick or stucco)


Cut your 36″ foam piece into three 12″x12″ pieces. I just used an exacto knife.
This easy DIY Moss Art is perfect for patio decor!Open up your sheet moss and cut it into three pieces that are at least 13″ x 13″. Larger is fine. This is a photo of the type of moss I used.
DIY Moss ArtLiberally apply glue to the back of a block of foam.
Moss and Stick Wall ArtFlip the block over and place the glue side on the back of one of your pieces of moss. Cut out the corner pieces as shown below.
Outdoor Decor Moss ArtNow apply a thick layer of glue to the edges of the foam, and fold the moss over the back. Press firmly in place for a few minutes, then flip right side up and allow to dry. Repeat the process for the remaining two blocks.
Hanging Moss Art TutorialWhen they are done, they will look like this on the front.
Hanging Moss Art- perfect outdoor decor!Now attach your sticks to one of the moss blocks using hot glue.

Okey dokey, now it’s time to hang the whole thing together. I actually tried a horizontal placement first, but didn’t like it very much. I didn’t have a big enough stick, so the dowel I used bent down in the middle. And the whole thing kept swinging back and forth, so it never looked symmetrical. Grrr. So I switched to a vertical arrangement.
DIY Outdoor Decor idea
If you like the horizontal look, go for it. But it’s much easier to get the moss blocks to stay in place with a vertical arrangement, so I’ll be explaining that method. Lay your blocks in a row upside down, spacing them about an inch apart. Cut two pieces of twine about 80″ long. Fold each in half. Leave a 2-3″ loop at the top for your stick, then lay the twine down the sides of the moss blocks, one on each side. When everything is lined up evenly, attach the twine to the back of the blocks with tape or glue. I used a little of both. And yep, I ran out of daylight and this photo was taken while I was burning the midnight oil. Such is the life of a crafter.
Outdoor Decor- Moss ArtThread your stick (or dowel) through the two loops at the top, then tie on a small piece of twine for hanging, and you are done!
You will be surprised how easy it is to make this pretty patio decor!I love the texture it has. So pretty!
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  1. Claire Wickens says

    Love this, thanks for sharing! I am actually thinking of doing a full “moss wall” on our patio. The only problem is that my husband has just purchased this fancy outdoor TV from . What is the upkeep like on these moss walls? Would it be wise to have it so close to an electronic or is it a bad idea? I’ve never done a moss wall before so I don’t really know what the upkeep of is or anything really. Would appreciate your input! Thanks!

    • It probably depends on how far away from the wall the tv sits. I think that as long as the back of the tv isn’t too close to the moss, you would be fine. I definitely wouldn’t do it if it is close because as it dries it would be a fire hazard. For the type of moss I used, I’ve never had any upkeep except for an occasional dusting. Hope that helps. I think a moss wall on a patio sounds gorgeous!

  2. This is so beautiful! Vertical is also my favorite – it’s really striking. I would hang it inside year-round, too. Thank you!

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