Flashback Friday Recipe: Coconut Lime White Chocolate Cookies

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I think that Utah is having an identity crisis and is trying to be Seattle. It has been rainy and cloudy for days. Probably weeks. I’m not sure. When it’s cloudy for this long I totally lose my mind, so everything is a blur. I wish I could be whisked away to a tropical place filled with sunshine. I’d even take 100° weather, which I usually hate. I just want SUN!

But since I have no time or money to visit a tropical island, I think I’ll just whip up a batch of tropical treats. Of course, it can’t be a frozen treat- I’m freezing. I’m actually wrapped up in a blanket right now. So it needs to be something warm and yummy- like these Coconut Lime White Chocolate Cookies. If you need a little taste of the tropics, give them a try!!

Coconut Lime White Chocolate CookiesThese Lime Coconut White Chocolate Cookies have wonderful flavor and texture. Give them a try!

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