Friends, Water Damage, Pretty Glass, and Other Random Tidbits

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You’ve probably noticed, but I don’t get too personal here on the blog. It’s not that I’m a really private person. I’m probably the opposite. In real life I have a tendency to say too much! But here on the blog I tend to keep things all business. Post recipes. Post crafts. Post tips. Post home decor. Repeat.

I think it started when we were in the process of adopting and our case worker warned me not to share any private information that someone could use against us. Just to be safe. So I got into that mode. . . and forgot to turn it off.

But I realized that my favorite bloggers are the ones who share a little bit about themselves. Not every intimate detail about their lives, but enough that I feel like I know them. And in fact, when I’ve been lucky enough to meet them, I really do feel like we are already friends. I hope that if any of you met me, you would feel the same way. (And if you do, please come up and introduce yourself!!)

So. . . I thought I’d take a day at the end of each month to let you get to know me a little better. I might share a few things I’ve learned, a few things I’ve lived through (as a blogger/mom/wife/diy-er/crafter/chef/slightly crazy person). And I’ll share a few things that make my life a little better. Hopefully you will relate to some of them!!

Here are a few things I’ve learned this month:
1- Connecting with other women revives my spirits. I was able to attend the Build Your Blog Conference earlier this month (totally need to do a re-cap post, don’t I?) While I met with awesome brand sponsors, went to some great classes, and even had some mighty tasty food, my favorite part was and always is connecting with the other women bloggers. They are awesome, and they get me. I met up with old friends, and made a few new ones. I have a wonderful husband and family, but a girl’s gotta have some girls, ya know? Nothing makes me feel more validated then being able to spend time with other moms. Whether it’s a weekend at a convention or a couple hours at lunch, I always come away with a better attitude about life.

2-When all you have is a two year old assistant, staining a banister takes a looooong time! I started then end of January and thought it would take me about a week and a half. It’s been over a month and I’m not even halfway done yet. But I can tell it is going to be fabulous if I ever finish it!
staining-banister3-Water is not a homeowners friend. A few months ago our pipes froze and we had to tear up our brand new wood floor to fix the problem. While I was attending BYBC (see #1), snow melted so fast on our bedroom deck that water leaked in through the door. We had to rip up the carpet and bring in a ginormous industrial fan to dry things out. And just last week I discovered water damage in our laundry room. water-damageThe old wood floor buckled, pushing up the new wood floor.  So we commenced ripping it up to see what was causing it. We cannot determine where the water came from! It’s not the washer, that would be too easy, wouldn’t it? I told my husband I think our house is trying to commit suicide.

Things I love and adore:
1-Burt’s Bees Lip Balm. . . this stuff is the bee’s knees!
burts-beesHaha. No seriously, I love it. Can a person be addicted to lip balm? Because I probably am. I have one in my car, one in my pocket, one in my jacket, one on my nightstand, one in my purse, and an extra just to be safe. I love that it prevents me from having alligator lips. And I love that it is slightly minty, not sweet. I don’t like my lips to taste like candy/strawberries/kiwi/etc. That just makes me hungry. I need less of that.

2- Vintage Mason Jars
vintage-mason-jarsThis gorgeous blue color just makes me swoon! I have some in my kitchen, and some in my family room. Is it weird that a piece of glass makes me so happy?


  1. I’m so glad to call you a friend. I’m sorry you’ve been having to deal with so much water damage. That sounds awful!

    • Thanks Amy! I feel the same about you! I’ve met some of my very favorite people because of blogging. It’s awesome! 🙂

  2. You are funny Kara! I am sorry to hear about your floors! I hope you can get it fixed and put it behind you! Love that banister! I wish I was more crafty like that. I had SO much fun meeting you at BYBC!! I hope we will meet up at more conferences in the future!!

    • Thanks Renee! It was awesome meeting you too! The next conference I’m attending is SNAP, held in SL in April. I should really branch out, but I hate the thought of flying alone. I’d probably end up in Timbuktoo! LOL!

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