New Entry Rug-Finally!

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We have lived in our house for 13 years. Wowsers that sounds like a long time! After 13 years, things kinda start needing to be replaced. And updated. Our carpets are worn out. Our wood floor has water damage in several areas thanks to a leaky door while we were out of town. . . a broken dishwasher. . . a plumber that messed up our ice maker. . . you get the picture.

Besides that, things just need to be updated. We are hoping to tackle some of the bigger projects later on with our tax refund. But in the meantime, I’m making baby changes. Like replacing our entry rug. It was hunter green and cranberry. I know, OLD and out of date. Plus it was falling apart. I knew it needed to be replaced. I just couldn’t find one the right size that I liked for under $200. Anywhere around. And I didn’t want to fork out that kind of money.

Finally I found one online at JC Penney. I didn’t LOVE it as much as some of the others, but I did love that it was less than 80 bucks. So I ordered it. And once it came, I actually liked it more in real life. Sigh of relief.
Here it is in our entry way, just waiting for the floor underneath it to be replaced. In the photo the blue looks brighter than it really is. It has more of a grey tone to it. But my camera didn’t believe me.
entry rugI was going to show you a photo of our old rug so you could see the difference, but my husband rolled it up and tossed it in the garage before I had the chance. I guess he was just as sick of it as I was! 🙂


  1. So pretty!

  2. Very nice! I love how the white flowers seem to float over the others…

  3. The rug is quite a picker upper. Very pretty. Thanks for posting.

  4. cute! I really like this rug!

  5. You have been in your house for 14 years not 13 years! Time flies when you are having fun! I love the rug!

    • Holey crap, you are right! I was thinking Spencer is turning 13 this year, but he’ll be 14. It’s worse then I thought!

  6. Nothing like a rug to update an entry. Mine is a $12 WalMart special to trap water. Every time I walk by it I say “why did I get rid of my nice rug?” Like you, my rooms are ready for updating. This week I painted some hunter green, cranberry and gold frames. Yes, baby steps here too.


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