Decorating with Plates: The Second Round

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Well, I made it through Book Fair Week. Whewww! Unfortunately, I also picked up a head cold which has now settled in my chest. Not fun, but much better than my previous run ins with swine flu and strep. I actually don’t feel too bad, I’m just trying to stay away from other people so I don’t spread it around.

My biggest accomplishment of the weekend was cleaning our basement family room. It was a DISASTER!! Like totally unlivable. We had taken everything from my husband’s office and piled it in the family room to make room for his new desk. The one that I started months ago that we still haven’t found knobs for. But that is another story.

Anyway, the family room was literally piled with bins, boxes, papers, and misc. computer stuff. You could barely walk around down there. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I moved all of the piles back into his office. Now our family room is clean, and I can just close the door on his office and pretend it isn’t there. 😉

I still have about 362 decorating projects I need to get finished, so I decided to start with a small one because I needed some instant gratification.  Back in August I showed you how I decorated with plates:

I can’t leave well enough alone, so I had to do some sprucing up. I found a fleur de lis knob at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago that I loved. And added a couple of monograms. Now I love it even more:

Hope you have as much fun hanging plates as I do!
I am really hoping to finish up some of my bigger projects to share with you. Here are the top 3 projects that are nagging at me:
1-The desk I refinished for my hubby. It just needs knobs.

2-Our master bathroom makeover. Hello, it’s been months. I just need to take some decent photos. Harder than it sounds.

3-The little table for our family room. I am just waiting for the last coat of paint on the drawer to dry. Yay!

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