Simple Ribbon Embellished Pumpkins

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I’m still working on getting my fall decor up. It’s quite a long process when cooking, cleaning, running errands, and sleep keep getting in the way. 🙂
I found these wire pumpkins at Iron Works a few weeks ago. I’ve always wanted a set, I think they are so cute.
They were on sale $18 for the set of three. I used the gift card that I bought at CityDeals for 50% off. So they cost me $9. Score!! If you haven’t checked out CityDeals, you really should. They have saved me so much money, especially on date nights with my hubbie. Love eating out for half the price!

I digress. Back to the pumpkins. One thing I love about the wire pumpkins is that you can decorate them so many ways. I’ve seen some filled with fall leaves and greenery, and they are gorgeous. I opted for something more simple. All I did was put a candle in the middle and tie a ribbon around the outside. I attached the ribbon with a bit of hot glue. I love how they turned out.
I actually purchased three of the rusty orange candles at Hobby Lobby, but they were too tall to fit in the smaller two pumpkins. Danggit! I need to go back and get some short ones, but until then, I just added some white ones from the dollar store.

I love decorating with ribbon. It’s cheap and easy to work with, and it comes in so many fun colors and patterns. Do you have any clever ideas for using ribbon in your fall decor? I’d love to hear about them. You can leave a comment, or share a photo on my Facebook page.



  1. The wire pumpkins are awesome! I’m definitely checking out that site for cheap deals! I love ribbon, too…I’m a huge stalker of the $1 ribbon bin at Michaels. Great job making your pumpkins cute and ready for fall!

    I hope you can join my giveaway going on now!

  2. They look really cute with their ribbons!

  3. Awesome deal on those adorable pumpkins–and since they’re not jack-o-lanterns, you can leave them out till Thanksgiving. They are gorgeous!

  4. Love citydeals and these pumpkins! I would have never thought to put ribbon around the whole thing. Cute, cute!

  5. I love some ribbon! I used some to ‘halloween-o-fi’ a vase and some flower pots outside (both projects on my blog, and so ridiculously easy to do w/ a little duct tape LOL)

  6. What a huge difference a bit of ribbon made. Well done!

  7. Kara,
    I have these exact pumpkins!! I love how you dolled them up!!

  8. Those look so much better with the added candle and ribbon. Nice job.

  9. kentucky girl (marissa) says

    I love this! What a big impact a little bit of ribbon makes!! So cute!

  10. Cara@HomepsunKitchen says

    Ohhhhh, I love these! Way to cute!

  11. Those are adorable! I would love to have them.

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