Candy Cane Hershey Kiss Cookies {Christmas Cookies}

Candy Cane Hershey Kiss Cookies. . . loaded with chocolate chips and chopped up candy cane kisses, every bite of these cookies is a chocolate mint explosion! When I posted the recipe for the Mint Kiss Cookie Cups, I told you I had another recipe using the candy cane Hershey kisses. I experimented several times […]

Andes Mint Cookies

Thanks to everyone who’s linked up so far. Your cookie recipes have all got me drooling!! 🙂 If you haven’t linked up yet, it’s not too late. And since there aren’t many participants, you have a great chance of winning the prize! This cookie recipe is one that tried for the very first time this […]

Green Mint Meringue Cookies

I have not had these meringue cookies in over 15 years. My best friend from high school, Melanie, gave me the recipe. Her family would hand them out for Christmas. I remember making oodles of them at her house one year. We learned by sad experience that the recipe can’t be doubled. I am not […]

Amazing Chocolate Mint Cookies

Welcome to my new blog! My favorite part of cooking is baking. Especially cookies. I love cookies because: 1-there are so many yummy varieties, 2-they are decadent warm from the oven, 3-they can be eaten without dirtying any dishes, and 4-because they freeze well so I can hide the leftovers in the freezer instead of […]