The Crock Pot That Saved My Car (and my Soup)

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I love my Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Slow Cooker. I’ve had it for over five years, and it has always performed well. Even though it doesn’t have a non-stick surface, it still comes clean easily with just a little soaking. (You can actually put it in the dishwasher, but I usually don’t have space, so I just wash it by hand.) It doesn’t have any fancy controls, but I actually like that. In my mind, less computer parts means less chance of breakage. Hamilton Beach Crock Pot-1

But here’s the biggest reason I love it. . .

Years ago, I was taking dinner to a neighbor who had just had surgery. I made a gigantic pot of soup and divided it in half. Some for us, some for them. Put their pot of soup in the back of my car. You can see where this is going can’t you? Yep, as I pulled into their driveway, the soup pot tipped, and half of it spilled all over the floor of my car! So not awesome.

Not only was there a hot mess all over my car, but half of the food was wasted! I cried. And maybe said a swear word.
Luckily I had soup at home, so I returned, got the soup, and made my son sit in the back seat and carry it so it wouldn’t spill again.

Now any time I need to take a full pot of soup (or any other liquid dish) to a neighbor, or to a potluck, I use this slow cooker. It has a special handle that clips tightly on top and seals the food inside. It is awesome! Now I can transport food without worrying that I will have a car disaster.

Another plus- since you can seal on the lid, if you store say leftover taco soup in this crockpot, everything else in your fridge will not smell like taco soup.