Tip for Storing Wood Stain

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I have been staining a couple of wood projects the last week or so, and I wanted to pass on a little DIY tip for any of you that may find yourself working with wood stain. The reason I am sharing this tip is to prevent you from making the same mistake I did.

When you are working with paint or stain, you have to store it correctly when you are finished. If the lid isn’t on tight, the paint or stain will evaporate. Which is not good. I use a hammer to gently pound the lid on.  I mainly work with paint, so I forgot one simple fact. Wood stain is the consistency of water.

When I was finished staining my wood, I replaced the lid on my wood stain and gave it a tap with the hammer. And proceeded to splash stain . . .all over my counter . . .and all over my shirt. I would show you a picture of my shirt, but it is now 6 dusting rags. Boo.

The dumb thing is that I knew better. I did the same thing years ago, and came up with this tip to prevent shirt splattering. I then proceeded to forget my own tip. So don’t be like me. Use this tip the next time you stain wood!

Before replacing the lid on your wood stain, cover it with a paper towel or old rag. Then when you tap the lid on, the paper towel will catch all the splatters. And your shirt (and counter) will be spared.
You’re welcome.



  1. how much area will be covered in 1 Ltr?

    • That depends on the type of stain as well as the wood you are using. It’s best to check the label of the stain when you buy it to see what the manufacturer recommends for coverage.

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