Vinyl Lettering for the Living Room Wall

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Hello, hello! I have not been the best blogger this week, have I? My boys are out of school for a long weekend. I took the three youngest to my parent’s house on Wednesday and we got back last night. I took my laptop with me, totally planning on posting from there. Obviously I did not. As we were driving home, all the sudden I realized that I had left my computer at my parents’ house. UTTER PANIC! I am very proud to let you know that I did not swear in front of my children. I only swore in my head. 😉

We turned around and went back. Thankfully we were only 10 minutes out and hadn’t entered the freeway yet. So glad I remembered before we got home an hour later. I would have cried. A lot.

Before we left on Wednesday, I finished up the vinyl lettering sign for my living room. Sort of. It took me forever to design it because I have to try out ninety three fonts before I finally choose the ones I want. I cut it and adhered it to the glass. I wanted a splash of color, so I wrapped some organza around the frame and tied a knot in it.

And when I hung it on the wall, I noticed something. Something not good. Do you see it?
diy-decoratingThe letters totally lean down to the right. How the heck did I do that? Aaaaargggg! I wonder how long I can leave it like that before someone notices? The busy mother in me says “It’s good enough.” The perfectionist in me says “How can you sleep at night when you have a crooked sign hanging in your living room?”
Which voice would you listen to?


  1. Where did you get the frame?

    • Cheryl, it was actually a frame I already had. It was one of those with the mat with three frames cut out for three photos. I just removed the mat and used it horizontally instead of vertically. You can probably find one similar at your local thrift store! If it isn’t the color you want, you can just spray paint it!

  2. I have those same voices!!!! I’d try everything I could to figure out a trick to camoflauge it but would probably end up being sooooo aggravated that I’d end up fixing it….then would be happy I did!!! I do love it !!!!

  3. Ugh! I hate when stuff like that happens. But, you will have to fix it. You know it’s just going to bug you. Also, I understand why you wanted the dash of color, but I think I’d like it better without the ribbon. Then my eyes would go straight to the words. Just a thought. You can totally disregard me, of course. 🙂

  4. I hate to say it, but the perfectionist in me notices it. I’d probably look at for a couple of days and then have to try and fix it!

  5. Add a little something to the left lower corner, so it looks like you meant to have it slant!

  6. fix it. It will just keep bugging you over and over again! It would bother me every time I looked at it.

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