Winter Decor Ideas Linky Party

Do you decorate for winter, or do you skip straight to Valentine’s Day? I love the whites, blues, and silvers involved with winter decor, but I don’t have very many completed winter decor projects. I planned on putting some up this year, but we could not find the bin holding my winter decorations. I was […]

Fish Foam Glass Cleaner {Product Review}

If you’re like me, January is a time for cleaning and organizing. With the business and excitement of the holidays, there are lots of jobs that get neglected in November and December. Like window washing. I know my windows and mirrors are in a sad state of affairs come January first! Now that things are […]

Ruffles, Ruffles, Ruffles

I adore ruffles! They are so girly and pretty and fun! I sure hope the ruffle trend is here to stay, because they look fabulous on so many things. I’ve got dozens of ruffled projects bookmarked, but I wanted to share just a few of them with you. Hmm, I wonder which one I will […]

Ruffled Business Card Holder

I am partying it up in Arizona today. But I didn’t want you to miss me too much, so I scheduled a few posts for while I’m gone. I wanted to show you the cute business card holder I made. My friend Char made one, and I wanna be just as cool as her, so […]

Pottery Barn Knockoff Moss Wreath

I am a sucker for a great Pottery Barn knock off. Especially one that starts at the Dollar Store!! Amber, over at Blooming in the South, saw a moss wreath at Pottery Barn. Came home and made her own for a fraction of the cost. Love it! In fact, I love the entire mantle arrangement. […]

I Just Gotta Make This!–Piano Music Organizer

A couple of weeks ago we started a process I called “Detoxifying our House”. Really it’s just cleaning and de-cluttering, but I thought if I came up with a cool name, by boys would be more on board with the idea. 😉 It seems to be working, at least a little. We have thrown away […]

I Just Gotta Make This!–Burlap Wreath

It has been a crazy hectic week at our house. We are facing a few tough adoption decisions. I have had moments of complete elation and moments of total despair. Sometimes within the same hour. It is emotionally draining and I’ve been out of my mind insane. And I mean more than usual. 😉 But […]