Hello peeps! I’m Kara, and I’m the creator/owner of this blog. My goals here on this website are:

1-To inspire women to tackle creative projects, from installing molding to sewing a pillow slipcover. If I can do it, you can do it! I promise. I’ll show you how.

2- To share easy and delicious recipes that are approved by my family of seven. . . Because good food eaten around a kitchen table brings families together and builds memories.  (Even if the memories involve spilled milk and children licking their plates.)

3-To share helpful tips, home decor ideas, craft projects, and step by step tutorials. Making a house a home should be fun!

4-To connect with my readers. I love Pinterest, but I do miss the good old days when people actually commented on blogs they visited. If one of my posts has sparked your creativity, I’d love to hear about it!

Random facts about me:

-My amazingly supportive husband and I have four wonderful boys and one little princess.
-Some people are addicted to Coke/Pepsi/Dew/whatever. I am addicted to making stuff.
-I would much rather shop at Home Depot than at the mall. Shopping for shoes gives me heart palpitations, and not in a good way.
-Power tools are always on my wish list for birthdays, Christmas, and Mother’s Day. I know, my husband is one lucky guy.
-I love to read. When I was little and my mom would make me turn out the lights, I would hide under my covers with a flashlight so I could keep reading.
-I grew up in Colorado, and now live in Utah. And I do not like skiing. Or snow. Or winter in general. Ironic isn’t it?
-I love new babies. Like a lot. If I see you at church/ the park/a blogging convention and you have a baby, I will probably ask to hold your baby.
-I hate unloading the dishwasher, but I don’t mind cleaning bathrooms.
-These awesome people put up with my craziness, and they are my life:


Have a question? I love to hear from my readers! :)
I am often times buried in e-mails, so it might take me awhile to get back with you, but I’ll do my best. I promise I’m not trying to ignore you!

If you haven’t heard from me after a few days, please feel free to try again. Sometimes e-mails get lost in the cracks so deep that I can’t find them. LOL!