Lemon Chicken and Pasta with Bacon

Creamy Lemon Bacon Chicken and Pasta. A colorful and mouthwatering chicken recipe!

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  1. I am completely lost…..how do I subscribe to your blog?

  2. Is there an easy way to print a recipe from your site? Or do I have to copy and paste into a Word document (I hate doing that)?

    • Hi Jean,
      Sorry, I still don’t have a print button. It’s in the works, but I just can’t seem to find the time to get the dang thing finished. For now you just have to copy and paste. Sorry about that!

  3. Stephanie says:

    This looks great! How much cream and what kind do you mix in?

    • Oh my gosh, I forgot to list cream in the ingredients. Ooops! It’s 1/2 cup cream. You can use either light or heavy whipping cream. Sorry about that.

  4. This looks yummy…on my way to the store and realized that you mentioned adding cream in your instructions, but it’s not in the list of ingredients. What should I get? Thanks for the recipe!

    • So, so sorry Jennifer. I forgot to add cream to the ingredient list. I have fixed it now. It’s 1/2 cup cream. Hope I didn’t mess up your dinner. 🙁

    • No problem. We’re going to try it tonight. I’m good at improvising. Thanks again!

  5. This sounds great! I don’t blame you about not wanting to mess with the arrangement. I totally get that! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Erin @ Flory Counterflory says:

    Wow…I am going to try this tonight! Yum!

  7. Oh my…this looks and sounds delicious! This is definitely going on next week’s menu! 🙂

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