Craft and Sewing Supplies

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I discovered matte finish Mod-Podge last year, and I love it! This has been my favorite paper cutter for two decades! When you use your Silhouette as often as I do, replacement mats are a must! If you have the Silhouette Portrait, you’ll need the smaller sized mat.


I never use my glue gun without putting a silicone mat under it. This one is cheap. This glue holds everything- like forever. Perfect for DIY cake stands. Double sided tape on steroids. Spendy, but I’ve never regretted my purchase! Because glue sticks that start out glue and dry clear are just more fun.


I upgraded to this computerized sewing machine about a year ago, and I love it! I can’t stand the little metal straight pins. These with the large heads are so much easier to work with. Some sewers spend big money on scissors, but this affordable pair works just great! You must have these for making rag quilts!