Ponderize- Magnify Him With Thanksgiving

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In case you didn’t know, I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Back in October,  at our annual General Conference, Devin G. Durrant challenged us to pick a scripture every week, think about its meaning, and try to memorize it, or “ponderize”. He recommended printing it out and putting it in a place where we would see it every day.

Because I’m a fan of pretty thing, I will be making a printable scripture every week that I can hang up. I am hoping to get the entire family on board, so we’ll see how it goes. I might need to offer rewards of candy to everyone who actually memorizes the scripture. Teenage boys are pretty motivated by food. 🙂

Here is my scripture for the week. I thought it was fitting since Thanksgiving is coming up.

thanksgiving (1)

Feel free to download, print, and place it in a place in your home where everyone can see it.
Come back next Sunday for a new Ponderize Printable!

Magnify Him with Thanksgiving ~ Psalms 69:30


  1. Talia Stevens says:

    Thanks for the printable! I’m excited to put it up for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

  2. Just came across the Thanksgiving printable on Pinterest. Thank you for sharing! It’s lovely!

  3. Thank you Kara, love the printable! And my dear, you simply do NOT look old enough to have teen age children!!! Love your blog!

  4. I compile the worship bulletin for each Sunday and I find your site so rewarding. I use some of your inspirations in the bulletin and I tell the source. So many complements come my way and I wanted to say thanks to you.

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