Crepe Paper Flower Tutorial

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We have had a relatively mild winter so far, but it finally caught up to us. It snowed ALL day yesterday. So this morning it is a white wonderland out my window.  Not a flower in sight. Any of you have the same scenery this morning? No worries. You can make a beautiful flower out of crepe paper.  Just because there’s no flowers outside doesn’t mean you can’t have flowers inside. And if you have a black thumb like me, it helps that they are already dead, no watering required. 😉

I got the idea for these flowers off of Pinterest, but there was no tutorial, just a photo. Danggit. I tried using the method shown in the photo, but it didn’t work out so well. Double danggit.  After a bit of trial and error, I came up with my own instructions. Hope you like them. They sure brighten up my day when I walk by them!
crepe paper flower tutorial

How To Make a Flower Out of Crepe Paper

-crepe paper (duh)
-scissors and pencil
-needle and sturdy thread
-hot glue gun
-scrap of paper

Cut a piece of crepe paper about 2 yards (72 inches) long. Using a good pair of scissors, cut scallops all across the top edge.
make a flowerTip: If you are making more than one flower, stack all the strips on top of each other and secure them with paper clips every few inches. That way they won’t slip around and you can cut out several at a time. I cut three at a time and it worked just snazzy.
crepe paper flower-tutorialTake a needle and a long piece of sturdy thread and sew a running stitch along the bottom edge, pulling and gathering the paper as you go. Be gentle, crepe paper is pretty fragile and you don’t want to tear it!
make a flowerAfter you have it all stitched and gathered, wrap it around in a spirally circle with the long thread on the top. Don’t cut the thread yet! When you have it arranged how you like, poke the needle down through the middle.
crepe paper flower tutorialCut two circles that are about 1 1/2″ across. One out of crepe paper, one out of white cardstock.
crepe paper flower tutorialPut some hot glue on the cardstock circle. Take your flower and pull the thread tight through the bottom. Now carefully place it on top of the glued circle, trying to center it the best you can. It’s OK if it’s not perfectly centered. Mine weren’t.
crepe paper flower tutorialTake the crepe paper circle and scrunch it around the end of a pencil. Ah, brings back memories of elementary school, doesn’t it? Put a bit of hot glue on the end and push it into the center of the flower. Hold it for a few seconds till the glue dries.
crepe paper flower tutorialcrepe paper flower tutorialAfter you pull the pencil out, fluff up that piece in the middle a little, and you’ll have this:
crepe paper flower tutorialThey are beautiful as is, but if you want, you can add a little color like I did. Just use in ink pad and rub it on the edges of the flower. I used just a little for the flower on the left, and more on the one on the right. Then I spritzed them with a little water.
crepe paper flower tutorialI used my flowers as wall decor. I had a frame in my laundry room that has been hanging on the wall EMPTY for over a year. I know. I’m ashamed. All I did was add some scrapbook paper to the back and hot glue the flowers on. I wanted a variegated look, so I put a white flower on top, the light blue in the middle, and the darker one on the bottom.
crepe paper flower tutorialI love these crepe paper flowers–they are so pretty in real life!

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  1. Beautiful! I made some tonight to adorn a gift! So easy – thanks for an awesome tutorial! I used the ruffle foot on my machine and was done in just a few minutes. Thanks again!

  2. beautifulllllllllllllllllllllll. thanks for sharing. =)

  3. Definitely want to give these a try…would be great decor for the baby shower I am hosting for my sister. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  4. I crafted with crepe paper this week too! I started out with intentions of making crepe flowers, but ended up sewing crepe party garland instead!

    I love the way your flowers turned out!

  5. I love these! Your tutorial makes them seem so easy to make! Thanks for sharing!

  6. These are SO cute Kara! How lovely–they would make great party decor!

    • I know. I’ve been thinking of making some in pink for Rachel’s first birthday. My first pink birthday party ever. Woohoo! 🙂

  7. These are really precious. Thanks for sharing.

  8. karen Weight says

    I love these! They look so cute!! I am seriously going to try this:) I have a TON of crepe paper!! Thanks for sharing Kara!

  9. sooo pretty! great tute! I pinned this!


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