Easy Christmas Decor: Christmas Tree Banner

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Affiliate link disclosure for christmas tree bannerIt only takes a few minutes to make one of these easy Christmas Tree Banners. Perfect for hanging on a mantel or shelf!

Step by step tutorial for making an easy Christmas Tree Banner from old book pages. A super easy Christmas decor project!

Today I am sharing my Easy Christmas Tree Banner in case any of you missed my guest post a few weeks ago at Positively Splendid. I made a similar book page banner for Easter a couple years ago, and I’ve loved it so much that I decided to adapt it for Christmas. Don’t worry all you book lovers out there, I rescue books from the library that are headed for the recycle bin. They’re happy to be used, I promise!  🙂

I made my banner to hang on a shelf, but you can hang it on a mantel, over a door, on a window, or anywhere you like. You can adjust the size of the pattern, or just adjust the length by making more pages.  Here’s how you can make your own!

Book Page Christmas Tree Banner

Free downloadable pattern
Book pages
Green paper (cardstock or patterned paper)
Hot glue and glue gun
String, twine, or ribbon
Ink pad (optional)

Print the pattern and use the bunting pattern piece to cut out all of your book pages.
book-page-christmas-bannerNext cut out your tree pattern and carefully fold it in half.
christmas-tree-bannerTo cut out your trees, cut a piece of your patterned paper slightly larger than the tree pattern. Fold it in half and slide the folded pattern over the folded edge. Hold it firmly together and cut it out. (You will need two pieces for each tree.)
christmas-tree-bannerAfter you have two trees cut out, it’s time to glue them together. You need to make sure and get glue all the way to the edges, so I recommend using a tiny paint brush. You can use your finger, but who wants all that mess?
easy-christmas-decorAfter applying the glue, press two tree sides together. Press firmly on the edges to make sure they adhere well.
Tip: If your paper curls up a bit as it is drying, just iron it flat after the glue is completely dry. 🙂
Easy Christmas Decor- Tree Banner-016To add some dimension, ink the edges of your book pages and trees with an ink pad. I used a tiny black pad, the small size makes it easier to get in the corners. But you can use whatever you have. Or you can totally omit this step if you prefer.
easy-christmas-decorNow glue each of your trees to a book page. Try to line them up as evenly as possible.
easy-christmas-bannerAfter all your banner pieces are assembled, cut a piece of string/yarn/jute/ribbon. . . whatever you are using to hang your banner. (Cut it way longer than you think you need, you can always shorten it later.) Find the center of your string an attach it to the back of your middle banner piece with glue. I use hot glue because it dries fast and I’m impatient.
easy-chistmas-buntingAfter you have your middle bunting piece in place, start adding your other pieces to each side, leaving a small space between each one. That’s it! It’s light enough that you can just hang it with a couple of pieces of tape. Easy peasy!
christmas-tree-bannerNow I just need to accessorize the shelf above it!
christmas-tree-banner Have you even started thinking about putting up your Christmas decorations yet?


  1. What an adorable idea! I love this! And I can see this technique working for all of the holidays!

    • Thanks Michelle! I actually have a similar banner that I made for Easter. I’m kind of crazy about book page projects. 🙂

  2. I LOVE anything with book pages. I am loving the 3D effect of your Christmas trees. Pinned and thanks for linking up to Tickled Pink Times Two.
    Make it a pink day!

  3. I came across this idea via Pinterest. This is such a cute idea! I was actually thinking about making a banner from book pages this year for Christmas but I love the idea of “3D” trees added on top of each page. Thanks for sharing! I’m doing a Christmas-themed link-up party with a few of my friends. The very first link-up actually starts in a couple hours (Friday, Nov. 22 12:01 am CST). I hope you’ll stop by each week and link up all of your winter/Christmas-inspired posts!

  4. This is so cute, I love it

  5. I love this banner! Thanks for sharing it. I’ve made 2 of them already from when I saw your previous post. Luckily I have a Cricut and used it to cut my trees. Thanks for the inspiration!

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